Finding restaurants or hawker stalls (except fast food restaurants) that are open for business over the Chinese New Year holidays has always been a mission. That is why we hope that these five easy recipes will help you tide over the festive holidays. Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. Fish Maw and Mushroom Meatball Soup

fishmaw mushroom2
Photo credit: The Domestic Goddess Wannabe

This Peranakan fish maw recipe consists of basic ingredients such as cabbage and minced pork balls with fish paste and mushrooms, but for a more festive touch, add baby abalones and razor clams. Prepare this with the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® - your kitchen helper to save time and converse energy. For a complete meal, pair it with steamed rice or add noodles to boil before serving.

  1. Pan-Fried Dumplings

pan fried
Photo credit: Rasa Malaysia

Juicy, crispy, and absolutely delicious! Pan-fried dumpling is one of the top favourites among kids and adults. You can prepare a batch a day or two before, keep them in the freezer, and  pan-fry them when you are ready. The golden dumplings also symbolize wealth and profit – great for the festive season. 

Get the recipe here.

  1. Chicken Curry

chic curry2

This is a Chinese New Year must-have! Chicken Curry makes a good dish to serve your guests during their visits or for pot-luck because it’s flavourful, easy to cook, and you can prepare a large quantity at one go. Serve with bread, rice or bee hoon of your choice. 

Get the recipe here.

Got some leftovers? Store it in Food Jars to share  with your colleagues when you get back to work.

  1. Hong Kong Style Steamed Cod Fish

hkstyle steamed cod3
Photo credit: Spring Tomorrow

As the Chinese New Year blessing, 年年有鱼 (“Nian Nian You Yu”; Abundance year after year) goes – we want to finish every year with ample surplus (“yu” means both fish and surplus). And if eating clean is your resolution for this year, this healthy, delicious, and auspicious dish is a must-have! 

Get the recipe here.

  1. Peach Resin and Snow Lotus Seeds in Homemade Chinese Almond Milk

peach resin2

A sumptuous Chinese New Year meal is not complete without a dessert. This Chinese dessert recipe is rich in collagen, good for the skin and nourishing for the lungs – perfect for everyone in the family. Make sure that you soak the peach resin and snow lotus seeds long enough for a softer texture. 

Get the recipe here.

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