5 National Day Activities You Can Do To Show Pride For Singapore

Once more, the time has come for us to don the red-white ensemble and celebrate our nation’s progress. This August 9th, flaunt your national pride (while practising safety precautions) with these 5 National Day activities you can do at home!

1. Creative Red-White Outfit

Photo Credit: theneonteaparty.com

Dressing up in the full red-white ensemble is a given, but if you want to give a little more creativity to your look, try DIY-ing one yourself! Repurpose your old white T-shirts by dyeing them with natural colourings obtained from food. You can opt to blend or boil some beetroot, cherry, pomegranate and hibiscus flowers to achieve a pot of dark red solution for soaking the T-shirts. Remember to add salt and white vinegar for better colour transfer. This method of dyeing is chemical-free, eco-friendly, and safe for your children to participate!

Tip: You can also utilise spray bottles or tie-dye methods to create colour gradients and the ombre effect!

2. Fairy Light Flag


As August inches closer, Singapore flags have made their appearance on many HDB blocks across the country. It’s a yearly tradition often observed, so why not take it up a notch and go extra with an LED fairy light flag to illuminate your windows? You can get a mix of red and white LED fairy light strips from online retailers like Shopee or Lazada, and get your kids to create the outline of the flag along with positive messages for the country.

3. NDP 2020 Livestream Programmes


With this year’s celebration being transformed into a live-streaming event, you can expect a list of day-long programmes to keep you and your family in a celebratory mood! This year’s celebration comes with the usual National Day message by the Prime Minister, a parade, and firework shows in more than 10 locations. And for the interactive in-between programmes, they range from a virtual choir, NDP-themed workouts, a family cooking activity, and much more! Read here for more information.

4. Red-and-White-Themed Dinner

Thermos SG 02 AUG

A day-long National Day celebration will never be complete without a Singapore-inspired meal. Take the traditional route by whipping up local dishes with the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® like Chicken Rendang or Hainanese Chicken Rice. Find more of these local recipes here. Or you can get inspired by the red and white colours of the flag as a theme for your dinner. Some suggestions are a red velvet cake, the local favourite chilli crab, or nacho-stuffed capsicum with sour cream.

5. Social Media Show Out


Show up, show out and show off on your social media platforms! Take plenty of pictures and videos of your DIY dyeing process, your red-and-white dinner with matching table settings, the fairy light flag and all the fun you will have had during the NDP 2020 programme, then upload it everywhere. Don’t be shy, it’s THE day for us to be as loud and proud as we can be for being a part of Singapore’s success!

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