Fat loss is a constant struggle, and especially more so as age catches up. There are many ways to lose the fat on your tummy, and although having mindful diet plays a huge role, so is exercising. Here are five quick workouts to help you get fitter and toned. But most importantly, don’t do it for others, but for you and to make yourself feel better.

1. No Gym Abs Workout

No gym membership? No problem. The fat burning abs workout with Jordan Yeoh brings us closer to nature. Find a park with ample space so you can have enough room to work on sets such as Butterfly, Crunches, Alternate Toe-Touch, Russian Twists, and Spiderman Plank. This three-and-the-half minutes abs workout does come with rest in between sets, but to Jordan, that means 20 seconds of jumping jacks. Rest is for the weak!


2. Abs Toning Hip-Hop Dance

Exercising can be repetitive and lacklustre at times, that is why we recommend this hip-hop dance exercise to help you get fit and have fun at the same time. As dance is also a fat-blasting cardio workout, it is good for overall fat burn. Turn up the music and follow Danielle Peazer in this hip-hop routine and really tone that abs and thighs of yours. Suitable for beginners, this is a great workout to do with friends!


3. 8-Minute Intensive Abs Workout

There is no excuse not to have eight minutes in a day to spare for a quick workout. Make every minute count with this abs exercise with Jamie Alderton. The thing about this intensive workout is that there is no rest, so one set follows another. If you want to lose fat quick and effectively, this is the exercise to follow.


4. Abs Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge… These Victoria’s Secret models have one thing in common – amazing abs. If they can have it, so can you. All you need is 10 minutes and strong determination, and with an online trainer as motivating as Rebecca Louise, it is not that hard. Find a mat (pool and view not included) and start your abs transformation today!


5. From Yoga to Flat Tummy

If you think yoga is all about sitting and staying in one position for ages, then you’re probably wrong. Yoga can be quite rigorous and requires high levels of endurance. It strengthens your core, increases flexibility, helps you gain muscle strength, and assist in weight reduction. If the above abs exercises are too hectic for you, grab a yoga mat and get ready to stretch out, control your breathing and follow Jenna in the journey to create better abdominal strength.


Exercise aside, don’t forget to hydrate after each session and replenish your body with lots of water. Store cold water in Thermos® large capacity sports bottle or the stylish one-push tumbler, and enjoy up to six hours of ice-cold goodness, all thanks to Thermos® vacuum insulation technology!

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