We adore our mums for their unconditional love,  selflessness and the amazing ways they handle everything from household chores to helping with homework. But let’s not forget our man – the father, the hero “behind the scenes”, and sometimes, the really fun guy. Dads may be stricter, but they are also incredibly awesome.

Here are five reasons why dads deserve a big hug and a sincere “thank you” this Father’s Day.

1. He would do the craziest things with you.

Dads protect their children with every ounce of their energy, but they also know how to relax and have fun. Ask your dad about his adventures when he was young – where he’s been to, and what he did there. Planning a holiday? Ask your dad along and he would most likely oblige. There is never a happier moment for him than when he gets to spend quality time with his children, no matter how old they are.

2. He teaches you valuable life lessons.

Your dad has decades of knowledge he’s just waiting to share with you. Every valuable lesson he has experienced in life, he wants you to learn from it, too. There is nothing more important to him than helping you lead a happy and successful life, even if it means letting you learn a few lessons the hard way.

3. He would play sports with you if you want.

From football, basketball, badminton, or even swimming lessons, your dad is probably your best coach at home. Playing sports help build the relationship between a dad and his child, which is crucial to a healthy upbringing. Besides, it’s always good to show off a thing or two to his little ones, because dad knows best, right?

4. He imparts the value of efficiency.

Years of life in the workforce has made your dad an efficient worker (or boss). Therefore, it may surprise you how creative your dad can be, when it comes to getting tasks done at home. A fresh perspective is always more interesting, isn’t it?

5. He’s a great multitasker.


Men can’t multitask? You may be wrong! Men are just good at multitasking as women, even though they may perform tasks in unorthodox ways. Buy groceries? No problem. Change the baby’s diaper? No sweat. Cook a meal for the family? Consider it done all in one day*. Think Superman, but less Henry Cavill and more Dean Norris.

*we may be exaggerating, but you get the drift

Reminiscing about the awesome memories you shared with your dad? Warm his heart this Father’s Day with a thoughtful gift. Surprise him with a home cooked dinner, a sleek and functional Thermos® Mug, One-Push Tumbler or Food Jar.

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