Depending on the type of vegetarian you are, travelling overseas may be challenging. From learning the local food lingo to doing your research beforehand, you must be resourceful to get the right food. Here are five useful travel tips for vegetarians.

1. Do your research

Do a little research before travelling to your destination. Look up restaurants, cafes, eateries through the internet, guide books, Instagram (using specific hashtags like #vegantravel, #vegantraveller, etc.), or download apps like Happy Cow to get an idea of where to go and what to eat. It is always good to have prior knowledge instead of feeling lost during mealtimes.

2. Learn the local lingo

local lingo3

Learn useful phrases that will help you communicate with the locals. Memorising phrases like “do you have vegetarian food” or “is there meat in that” can help you a lot, especially if English is not a common language spoken in the country you are visiting. There are also many cool translation apps you can find online, which may save your life (or tummy)!

3. Pack your own snacks


In most cases, preparation is key. Bring along your own snacks when you head out so even if you cannot find a vegetarian restaurant or a place that offers vegetarian options, your snacks can keep you going until you do. To make sure that your food remains fresh, store them in a Thermos® Food Jar, which helps insulate them for a good six hours.

4. Consult your hotel concierge


Usually, the best people to ask are the locals. Get in touch with your hotel’s concierge or Airbnb hosts and ask them for their recommendations. They may be able to provide you with information and insider tips that you cannot find in guide books or online.

5. Ask the waiters


When you are at a restaurant and there is no sign of vegetarian food on the menu, ask the waiter/staff if they can prepare some vegetarian-friendly dishes. Most restaurants are able to do so, unless it is a fast food chain or those that sell meat dishes exclusively. Go for this option if you are not that strict a vegetarian and do not mind the restaurant’s kitchenware that is previously used to cook meat dishes. 

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