Halloween may not be a public holiday, but there is every reason to make this day extra festive and fun. Let’s start with these five drinks to kick off this scary festival!

  1. Bleeding Heart Martini


Image credit: Martha Stewart

Trust us, this cocktail is not as scary as it sounds, but the name is certainly memorable. Thanks to Martha Stewart, all you will need is dry vermouth, gin, pickled baby beets, and a cocktail skewer to pierce through the ‘heart’ for a dramatic effect.

Find the recipe here.

  1. Sweet Poison Cocktail


Image credit: Delish

We would normally avoid drinks with strange colours but to embrace the spirit of Halloween and all things scary, we say “yes!” to this multi-coloured concoction. The Sweet Poison Cocktail recipe is shared by mixologists at the world-renowned restaurant and bar Jekyll and Hyde Club, New York City. The best thing about this cocktail? It takes only five minutes to prepare.

Find your poison here.

  1. The Witch’s Heart


Image credit: The Flavor Bender

Every witch needs her special potion. If you are dressing up as one this Halloween, or know anybody who is, this is the cocktail to make. We love the colour and its theatrics, and even more so, its fruity flavour and sweet taste from the blackberry liqueur and apple brandy. For a dramatic effect, add powdered dry ice to your concoction, but otherwise it is completely optional.

Find the recipe of this amazing cocktail here.

  1. Black Magic


Image credit: Elle Talk

It’s black, glittery, and mysterious – the perfect potion for Halloween. Best for a gothic themed party, Black Magic uses black vodka and edible shimmer dust to create the effect you see in the photo. Forget your average vodka or whiskey, this drink will be the talk of the party.

Get some of the black magic here.

  1. Walker Blood Sangria


Image credit: Cravings of a Lunatic

What is a Halloween party without blood (in this case, fake blood)? Inspired by the popular TV series The Walking Dead, this recipe is as gory as the show, thanks to the use of Merlot and pomegranate juice. The hardest part of this recipe? You will have to chill it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight to get the perfect taste.

Make your own Walker Blood Sangria here.

If you are making your drinks in batches, be sure to keep them chilled in an alfi® carafe, designed to keep your cold beverages insulated for up to 24 hours.

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