6 Activities to Do in Celebration of Earth Day 2022

Earth Day is that one day of the year when we honour the only planet we live in. This year, make the celebration more worthwhile by trying these six activities that are not only fun but also contribute to saving the planet.

1. Make a no-bake cake

Celebrate this year’s Earth Day with a no-bake cake to help save electricity. This recipe for a no-bake carrot cake is easy to make and will be a big success for the whole family. The best part is, it’s healthy and very easy to make with the help of the Thermos® Shuttle Chef®.

2. Live a day without lights

Back in the day, people were able to survive with just candles. Experience what it was like only a few generations ago by switching off all your lights for a day and using candles instead. Just take necessary precautions to avoid any fire risks.

3. Explore sustainable brands
Photo Credit: The Honeycombers

Singapore’s retail scene is bustling with sustainable brands that are not only fashionable and functional but also very good for the environment. For Earth Day, put a twist on your traditional shopping experience by checking out these sustainable brands.

4. Go for reusable products

We accumulate so much waste from plastic products like cups and bottles. But you can always switch to reusable products like the Thermos® One-Push Tumbler, the Thermos® Tumbler and the Thermos® Food Jar that are made from quality materials and can last for many years.

5. Be a plant parent

Having plants at home is a great way to add warmth to your space and even purify the air you breathe. On Earth Day, commit to being a plant parent or join a tree planting initiative in your local community, so you can help add to Singapore’s greenery.

6. Join the cleaning warriors

Singapore may be strict when it comes to its waste management, but people still have a habit of throwing out their trash incorrectly. And what better day to do a community cleanup in public places such as parks and beaches!

Get your friends together or join a local cleanup drive so you can enjoy a fun activity that also helps to reduce waste so we can save our planet together! Don’t forget to bring your Thermos® Sports Bottle to keep yourself hydrated while participating in these cleanup activities.

Earth Day is such a special day around the world because it serves as a reminder to each of us that we are responsible for taking care of this planet we call home.

No matter how small you think your gesture is, it’s already a huge contribution to the fight against global warming, for us to continue enjoying the beauty of our planet and preserve it for generations to come.

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