6 Delicious Vegetarian Recipes You Can Whip Up at Home

Health benefits aside, incorporating a vegetarian diet into your every day has also been known to reduce your carbon footprint when you cut out the meat. This practice is coined as ‘environmental vegetarianism’. If you’re looking to start contributing to the cause and become more sustainable, we’ve compiled 6 delicious vegetarian recipes you can integrate into your diet!

1. Sayur Lodeh


An easy-to-make dish of nutritious vegetables simmered in a spiced gravy and bowl of rice makes this recipe best served during a rainy day. Sayur Lodeh’s cooking process is really simple without much preparation needed (besides the washing and cutting of the veggies). You can opt to substitute the vegetables with other greens you prefer, or trade tofu with hard-boiled eggs. Utilise your Shuttle Chef® to help with the simmering process so you can focus on other tasks at hand!

2. Vegetarian Quesadilla with Salsa

Photo Credit: ifoodreal.com

Wraps are a blessing in this busy world because you can quickly add anything as a filling and it can’t go wrong! For this Vegetarian Quesadilla, pick from a range of ingredients including black beans as a staple, corn, and onions, or even personal preferences like tofu, mushrooms, cheese or scrambled eggs. Then, top it off with a fresh, citrusy salsa mix and store it in the Thermos® Lunch Tote, which is perfect in allowing you to pack your mains and salsa mix separately, ensuring that your wrap stays fresh till it is ready to be eaten!

3. Vegetable Dumpling Snack

Photo Credit: thewoksoflife.com

Here’s a good stay home weekend idea: making vegetarian dumplings from scratch to bond as a family! The children can be in charge of kneading the dough and wrapping the dumplings, while parents prepare the filling and take charge of the cooking process. Follow this dumpling dough-making tutorial and attempt it with this Vegetable Dumpling recipe! 

Tip: You can even add a few drops of food dye to the dough to create fancy coloured dumplings!

4. Potato and Egg Rendang

Photo Credit: womensweekly.com.sg

Traditional beef rendang is stewed for hours to soften the meat and this allows the spices to season the protein and enhance the dish’s flavour. A vegetarian counterpart like this Potato and Egg Rendang recipe uses the same method but with ingredients swapped to work similarly to the original meat recipe. When cooked in a pot of gravy over some time, potatoes and eggs tend to absorb the flavour from the sauce, making every bite of this dish equally mouth-watering and well-seasoned. Try it today! 

5. Popiah

Photo Credit: veggietemptation.blogspot.com

Got a potluck gathering or picnic session coming up this weekend? Fret not! Impress your clique with this Vegetarian Popiah recipe that strikes a good balance between its perfect snackable size and being insanely delicious. Tip: you can also utilise the 3 compartments of your Lunch Tote to keep the fillings warm and separated from the dry popiah wraps.

6. Tom Yum Soup

Photo Credit: thespruceeats.com

The unique characteristics of a tom yum soup lie in its blend of herbs and spices to achieve its acidity and spiciness. Therefore, all the other elements such as meat and seafood are secondary. This means that opting to make a vegetarian Tom Yum will not deprive the dish of its flavour and may even suit your taste buds better. Try making one with this recipe!

Tip: You should only use your Shuttle Chef® to let the soup sit and infuse further without the addition of fresh coconut milk.

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