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6 Fun Activities Every Kid Will love for Children’s Day

Raising a child is an adventure. But while they may be a handful at times, there’s nothing quite like having them around to cheer you up and remind you of the good things in life. 

Every October, Singapore celebrates Children’s Day to honour those little ones who brighten up our days. To make this day extra special, here are 6 activities that cater to a range of different personality types, ensuring your child will have loads of fun even when you’re just at home!

1. For the little adventurer
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Kids are natural explorers and they love a good adventure. Although you’re just at home, you can still make this day filled with adventure by creating an imaginary outdoor activity day.

For instance, set up a camp in their room, go on a treasure hunt around the home or create an obstacle course to complete. Of course, you can’t forget to bring your Thermos® Sports Bottle to keep the little one hydrated as they take on their challenges.

2. For the little couch potato
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Who doesn’t love a good movie marathon anyway? Ask your child to choose their favourite movies and watch them back-to-back with the family. You can also prepare some snacks like popcorn and chips, and of course, include your Thermos® Tumbler Cup for those cold, refreshing drinks.

3. For the future chef

If your child loves to cook, then Children’s Day is the perfect time to do a mini “cook-off” where your child gets to choose the dish they want to prepare with you. Why not try the Pork Meatball Carbonara, where they can help roll the meat into meatballs! Remember to use the Thermos® Shuttle Chef to make cooking a lot easier and safer for both you and the little one. Need more recipe inspiration? Try these options.

4. For the budding artist

Children are naturally creative, and if your child is showing great talent in drawing and painting, use this day to inspire them to draw some portraits in different themes and styles. Make sure to frame these works of art to make your child know you value their creativity.

5. For the animal lover

If your child loves to learn about animals, then you can watch a documentary about safari or wildlife together. Netflix has a range of options for younger kids in their Animal Tales category, while for the older children, Disney+ has National Geographic, not to mention the abundance of wildlife documentaries on YouTube. These shows will give your child a glimpse of life in the wilderness, without leaving the sofa. While you’re at it, make sure that you have some food to munch on in the Thermos® Food Jar.

6.   For the little bookworm

Many children are fascinated with books, so what could be more exciting than giving your child the chance to write an original story! Choose a theme for the book and narrate the story while your child writes it in a special notebook. Don’t forget to add inspiring characters and plot twists!


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