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The holiday season is approaching. Instead of spending all our time staying at home and binge-watching television shows, how about opting for these 6 fuss-free, low-emission activities that are equally as fun as they are educational to bond with your family and friends! 

1. Explore Nature 


Unplug yourself from your digital devices and trek through these hidden spots of Singapore such as Dairy Farm Nature Park, Kranji Marshes and The Green Corridor. Bring along family or friends and be amazed by the magical creations of Mother Nature - all while keeping fit and boosting your children’s cognitive skills.

Our advice: Remember to carry enough water for hydration. If you fancy ice-cold drinks, use Thermos® Tumbler to keep your drink chilled throughout your adventure!

2. Traditional Game Night

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Forgo your usual online games and hop on the traditional ride with board/card games like The Singaporean Dream Card Game or Taboo (Singaporean Version). An offline favourite amongst the nostalgia-obsessed millennials and an alternative way to get your children off their phones, you can even prep and cook food in Thermos® Shuttle Chef® for an outdoor setting to make the experience authentic. 

Our advice: Go for games that incorporate teamwork to instil positive characteristics while bonding with  your kids! 

3. Community Clean Up


Whether it's a pre-arranged community event or a spontaneous one, a clean-up day can significantly benefit the environment. Gather your family and friends by starting with trash pickups in your neighbourhood to a half-day beach litter cleanup-slash-picnic. Alternatively, you can also donate and participate in Plant-a-Tree programmes by Garden City Fund in Singapore. 

Our advice: Sunscreen is key, and so is hydration! Also, make sure you research on the appropriate area to dispose of the collected debris and have essential tools like tongs, trash bags and rubber gloves ready! 

4. Composting 


An upcoming trend in Singapore, composting is a unique practice introduced to combat food waste and to transform it into nutrient-rich supplements for gardening soils. Composting is also educational for children to learn about the science behind the process. Additionally, humus (the end result of composting) have been proven to be a natural substitute for processed fertilisers. For an in-depth explanation on Composting, click here!

Our advice: Tie up your composting practices with your regrown vegetable scraps and you'll have a miniature, edible garden for yourself!

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Marie Kondo’s law of ‘sparking joy’ doesn't just declutter your living space - it helps the environment and the people too. Get your children involved by recycling trash into their respective categories (paper, plastic, metal) and donate pre-loved clothing and tools to organizations, neighbours or friends who need it. It's a good way to teach a valuable lesson on sharing as well!

Our advice: Do more! Here's a list of alternative ways to recycle and create functional tools/artworks from the trash that involve the whole family for a day of fun and creativity! 

6. Meatless Dinner


Meat production causes a substantial impact on the environment (such as massive water usage, greenhouse effect). This includes the production of the food required for the livestock before the culling and harvesting of the meat. 

By introducing meatless diets, we are encouraging the future generation to partake in a healthier lifestyle that is beneficial for both the human body and the environment. You can also introduce vegetables slowly to your child’s diet by having them take part in choosing ingredients they are intrigued by in a local supermarket or farms. Additionally, have them be involved in the cooking processes to induce further interest to eat greens.

Our advice: Try these delicious vegetarian recipes for your next meal! 

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