6 Must-Try Recipes for Burgers with a Singaporean Twist

You can’t mention American food without including the hamburger. In fact, Singaporeans have such an insatiable appetite for burgers that several global burger chains like Shake Shack and Five Guys have outlets here.

A great way to localise this universal meal is to put your own Singaporean twist with these 6 must-try recipes.

1. The Nasi Lemak Burger
Photo Credit: Foodie Baker

Nasi lemak is a classic Malay dish made with rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf, so why not take this dish to a whole other level by making it into a burger! There was a huge craze over the nasi lemak burger when it was introduced in Singapore and for good reason.
The buns are replaced with coconut rice, and fried chicken replaces your regular beef patty. Add all the other classic burger ingredients to make for a hearty meal you can keep in the Thermos® Lunch Tote to bring to work or on a picnic. Find the recipe here.

Tip: the Thermos® Lunch Tote has 3 containers, making it perfect for side dishes like salad or fries with your burger!

2. The Laksa Burger
Photo Credit: Fat Dough

Laksa is another quintessential street food staple, and now you can also enjoy it in the form of a burger. Laksa burger combines an American classic with a Malay touch with its delicious tangy laksa sauce, your patty of choice and a laksa salad put together in a Mantou bun to give it that unique texture and flavour. Check out the recipe here.

3. The Chilli Crab Slider
Photo Credit: 9Honey

Incorporate this local favourite into your own chilli crab slider! The best thing about this easy chilli crab slider recipe is that many of the ingredients you might find are already at home. Of course, don’t forget to keep your Thermos® Tumbler with a refreshing drink nearby to cool down after devouring all that hot chilli!

4. The Salted Egg Chicken Burger
Photo Credit: Maggi

Salted egg has been used in many forms in Singaporean cuisine, and this time you’re going to see it in a hearty burger with all the flavours you need to satisfy your taste buds.
This recipe is a Singaporean take on the classic chicken burger with the addition of that sweet, salty and tangy salted egg sauce that will surely make it a household favourite.

5. The Satay Burger
Photo Credit: Women’s Weekly

Chicken satay is another quintessential Singapore offering, but you can also enjoy it in the form of a burger. This recipe shows you that putting a Singaporean twist to an American favourite is simply done. Incorporate the delicious chicken satay into a fluffy burger bun together with fresh cucumber for that light and hearty lunch.

6. The Chicken Rice burger
Photo Credit: Dreamersloft

Chicken rice is the Singaporean dish that can be found at almost every hawker centre. The chicken rice burger takes all the best parts of this much loved dish and turns it into a burger! This patty cooked in a Hainanese chicken rice paste is sandwiched between a rice “bun”, making it a a quintessential Singaporean-style burger. Find the recipe here.

Whether you want the classic or the unique, there’s nothing quite like putting a Singaporean twist to the American classic hamburger to take your love of burgers to the next level!

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