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6 Podcasts to Enjoy in 2021 While on the Move

People in Singapore, like the rest of the world, are hooked on podcasts—and it’s really no surprise. In a time when we are always short on time, podcasts offer the opportunity to learn and be entertained without having to pause our endless daily activities.

If you’re looking for a new podcast to enjoy this year while running on the treadmill, commuting to work, finishing homework or doing your laundry, here are 6 of our top picks:

1. Yah Lah But…

Photo Credit: Ministry of Funny

Forget the morning news because Yah Lah But… offers a humorous spin to your typical morning read. Grab your cup of coffee or tea and check your emails while hosts Harsh & Terence from the comedy house Ministry of Funny deliver the hottest news in Singapore and beyond in a light and comedic podcast. Get your dose of news and fun here.

2. LongkangKitties

Photo Credit: LongKangKitties

Long commutes to work won’t be arduous anymore with The Kitties keeping you company. This podcast features three guys and a girl exchanging strong opinions about anything and everything that’s hot in Singapore.

Indulge in arguments about socio-political subjects, entertainment and everything that the famous group decides to tackle for the day. Listen to The Kitties here.

3. Political Agenda

Photo Credit: New Naratif

The name says it all. Political Agenda talks about important issues in Singapore concerning politics, reform, social change and current affairs.

Brought by New Naratif, a movement supporting democracy and freedom of expression and information in Southeast Asia, this political podcast makes for the perfect accompaniment to your Sunday afternoon walks. 

So, bring along your Thermos® One-Push Tumbler, wear your comfiest shoes and join PJ Thum and his guests as they dissect Singapore’s hottest political issues. Listen to the podcast today.

4. Eat Drink Asia

Photo Credit: Eat Drink Asia

Are you looking for some inspiration for your next Thermos® Shuttle Chef® recipe? Listen to the award-winning Eat Drink Asia podcast by the South China Morning Post to help give you some inspiration!

This podcast is far from your typical cooking show podcast because it talks about the history and culture behind some of Asia’s most popular foods, condiments and drinks.

Learn how bubble tea was invented and became a global phenomenon while you create your own version and enjoy from your Thermos® Tumbler Cup, why Westerners are now obsessed with xiaolongbao or learn how to make the ultimate coconut fish stew. Check out Eat Drink Asia today.   

5. SG Explained

Photo Credit: SG Explained

Surely, there’s more to Singapore than just its skyscrapers, theme parks and shopping centres. SG Explained follows two Singapore locals, Rovik & Elliot, as they uncover the other side of this multi-racial country that has become a melting pot of culture, history and everything in between.

Perfect for listening to during your workout, SG Explained gives your brain its own workout too as you get lost in discussions about Singapore’s past, present and future. Don’t forget your Thermos® Sports Bottle to keep you hydrated! Listen to the podcast here.

6. Conversations with Andie

Photo Credit: Podtail.com

Nothing beats a good celebrity gossip while eating lunch on your Thermos® Food Jar right? Actor-turned YouTube star Andie Chen gives a glimpse into the celebrity life with his podcast - Conversations with Andie.

The social media influencer invites guests like fellow YouTuber and actor Tosh Rock, influencer Xiaxue, actress Sharon Au and professional MMA fighter Amir Khan where they share experiences. Join in the conversation by adding the podcast on your list.

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