7 Delicious Dips To Pair With Your Crunchy Family Time Snacks

Whether it’s games or movie night with your family, a romantic evening with your partner, or as an afternoon refresher with your friends, crunchy snacks are essential for every occasion. Regardless of what plans you make, take a look at these 7 delicious dips and match them with the best snack!

1. Greek Yoghurt Veggie Dip (For Vegetables)


If you have a big craving for fresh-cut vegetables, this creamy, flavourful Greek Yoghurt Veggie Dip will elevate the taste. Making this dip is easy-peasy, just spoon the yoghurt into a small bowl, add all the herbs and seasonings and mix well until combined. Then, dip your favourite crunchy vegetables and say hello to a tasty Greek-inspired spin!

2. Sweet Fruit Dip (For Fruits)


Fruits are delectable on their own, but a creamy, smooth, and tangy dip can jazz up its natural sweet extract, not to mention that you can make it in a few minutes! Soften your cream cheese and beat it in a bowl until it’s smooth, then mix in the marshmallow fluff and flavourings, and you’re set! Make it the centrepiece of your fruit tray and watch how it encourages your kids to eat more fruit. Get the recipe here!

3. Sambal Belacan Dip (For Chips)

Image Credit: linsfood.com 

Movie nights can never go wrong with chips. Just like you want different flicks, you might also be bored with the same old chips. Why not spice it up with a Sambal Belacan Chilli Dip? This dip is so easy to make that there’s no excuse for you not to plunge your snack into this fiery goodness. See how far you can go by adding more chillies! And, be sure to keep the extra chips fresh in a Thermos® Food Jar until the next game night.

4. Vegan-Friendly Tahini Miso Dressing Dip (For Steamed Vegetables)

Image Credit: simple-veganista.com 

Find a new way to enjoy your vegan or steamed vegetable diet with the Tahini Miso Dressing Dip. Through a simple mix-up of tahini, miso, pure maple syrup and lemon, you can make a refined-sugar free and oil-free recipe. It’s a tasty and creamy dip that won’t only satiate your taste buds, but also fulfil your healthy appetite.

5. Spicy Chilli Cheese Dip (For Nachos)

Image Credit: pastrychefonline.com

Be the star of your family parties and get-togethers by giving your crunchy nacho chips a boost with this Spicy Chilli Cheese Dip! Boasting the perfect combo of spicy and cheesy goodness, expect this dip to be the crowd-pleaser. Serve it warm by heating it in a trusty Thermos® Shuttle Chef®. Everyone will keep coming back for more!

6. Shatta Sauce (For Pita Bread and Crackers)

Image Credit: cookieandkate.com 

If you relish hot sauce, chilli peppers and herbs, get ready to cough fire and fumes with the Shatta Sauce! This dip is a popular condiment in Middle Eastern countries and usually served with salads, hummus, chicken, and falafel. Pita bread and crackers are no exception as their sweet flavour complements the Shatta Sauce perfectly, giving your mouth a tasty zing.

7. Avocado Garlic Dipping Sauce (For Cumin Spiced Fries)

Image Credit: paleoglutenfree.com 

Cumin spiced fries are a delicious variation of the sweet potato staple. They are also cheap but never lacking in versatility, not to mention making perfect dippers! To accompany your fries, create the simple but tasty avocado garlic dipping sauce that  your family will be asking when you’ll make it again!

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