7 Different Types of Hikes You Need To Try

For centuries, people have enjoyed exploring the outdoors as a way to stay healthy. After all, there’s nothing quite like breaking a sweat while having fun. But going on a hike doesn’t only mean taking on the same old treks or circling your local park. Here are 7 different types of hikes all over the island.

1. Hike with a view
Gardens By The Bay

It’s hard to miss Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay because of its unique architecture and stunning gardens that cover over 54 hectares. If you’re looking to go hiking with a view, a walk from the Marina Bay Sands to the Gardens by the Bay is exactly what you need. Learn more here.

2. Hike by the beach

East Coast Park is far more than just your typical park. It offers a long stretch along the beach that is perfect for hiking while hearing the waves wash up against the shore. Lined with coconut palms and a zen-like ambience, East Coast Park can be a relaxing but long hike, so don’t forget to bring your Thermos® One-Push Tumbler to hydrate.

3. Hike with nature
Pulau Ubin
Whether you’re a serious hiker or a born adventurer, Pulau Ubin is the perfect place to be. It offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy such as investigating the wild monkeys or exploring the island. You’ll never run out of things to do on this boomerang-shaped island. Don’t forget to bring some snacks in your Thermos® Lunch Tote to keep you energised as you spend the day exploring.

4. Hike with history
Rail Corridor
Photo Credit: Shrug My Shoulder

If you consider yourself a history buff, the Rail Corridor pathway is a great place to not only hike, but explore some fascinating Singapore heritage too. This beautiful route will give you a glimpse of Singapore’s history while you get in your steps for the day.

5. Hike with a bike
Ounggol Waterway Park
Photo Credit: NParks

If you prefer to explore on two wheels, you can visit Punggol Waterway Park, as it has one of the most unique cycling routes in all of Singapore. The park is divided into the Green Gallery, Nature Cove, Heritage Zone and Recreation Zone, and it has one of the most well-appointed cycle tracks that you and your family can enjoy. Make sure the kids are equipped with their Thermos® Disney Mickey and Minnie Sports Bottles.

6. Hike for beginners
Lornie Park Connector
Photo Credit: NParks

If you’re just getting into hiking and want to keep to shorter routes, you can start with the 1.76-kilometer Lornie Park Connector, which forms part of the Lornie Nature Corridor. On this hike you can enjoy more than 100 species of shrubs and trees that have been planted as part of the city’s effort to restore the area and fill it with greenery.

7. Hike for the pros
Coast To Coast
Photo Credit: NParks

If hiking is your passion and you’re all about taking on new challenges to test your endurance, this Coast-to-Coast Trail will give you what you’ve been looking for.

Covering over 36 kilometers across Singapore, the Coast-to-Coast Trail offers the ultimate hiking path where you get to explore the Lornie Nature Corridor, the Jurong Lake Gardens and Coney Island, all while breaking your personal hiking record. Don’t forget to bring your Thermos® Sports Bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout this challenging hike.

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