7 Easy Mooncake Recipes to Try at Home for Mid-Autumn Festival

Celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunisolar calendar and with a full moon, Mid-Autumn Festival means lanterns will be lit up, symbolising the path to good fortune.

But if there’s one thing that really defines the Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s got to be the mooncakes! Traditionally eaten during the festival, it’s a staple to any table. Make this year’s gathering even more special by trying one of these 7 easy mooncake recipes at home.

1. Traditional Mooncake
Traditional mooncake5
Photo Credit: Cherie Noms

Before we become more adventurous, let’s start with the traditional mooncake recipe, featuring two very important ingredients: golden syrup and alkaline water. This simple recipe can be paired with tea enjoyed from the Thermos® Tumbler Cup or eaten as a snack while sharing stories with family members.

2. Snow Skin Mooncake With Custard Filling
Snow skin mooncake with custard filling
Photo Credit: Red House Spice

Want to avoid those long hours baking mooncakes? Go for snow skin mooncakes which require no baking at all! This recipe features a creamy custard filling you’ll love digging into. And to make this year’s celebration more festive, you can choose from different types of skins that will surely look perfect at the dinner table.

3. Gluten-free Pineapple Filled Mooncake
Gluten free pineapple filled mooncake
Photo Credit: Light Orange Bean 

If you want a healthier and more unique version of a mooncake, try this pineapple filled snow skin mooncake recipe! It’s not only very delicious but also gluten-free. Easier to prepare than your typical mooncake, this snow skin version offers a unique texture similar to a mochi, while the pineapple filling gives it that natural sweetness without the sugar.

4. Snowskin Mooncake Piggie 
Snowskin mooncake piggie2
Photo Credit: Roti & Rice

Mooncake making should be a family activity and there’s a way to make it more fun for your kids. Another gluten-free treat, this snowskin mooncake piggie recipe still uses the same red bean paste and lotus paste filling, but the dough is shaped into little pigs with M&M chocolates as their eyes. Match these fun mooncakes with the Thermos® Disney-Pixar’s Cars Straw Bottle.

5. Vegan Red Bean Snowy Mooncake 
Vegan red bean snowy mooncake
Photo Credit: Vege Angel

Who said you can’t enjoy mooncake because you’re vegan? This recipe proves that using natural ingredients and that signature red bean paste filling can create a savoury snowy mooncake that even non-vegans will absolutely love.

6. Savoury Pork Mooncakes 
Savoury pork mooncakes
Photo Credit: Serious Eats

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth or you just want to experiment with something savoury this year, try this Suzhou savoury pork mooncake recipe that features a flaky pastry, a golden brown exterior and a delicious minced pork filling that ties everything together.

7. Ice Cream Mooncake 
Ice cream mooncake
Photo Credit: Ketch-up With Linda

Yes, that’s right, you can turn your delicious mooncake into an amazing dessert with this ice cream mooncake recipe that everyone will surely love.

Layer different types of ice creams and top it off with biscuit crumbs. Have the kids enjoy this festive dessert while watching a movie and drinking from their Thermos® Disney Frozen Straw Bottle! Who doesn’t want a sweet dessert to cap off an amazing Mid-Autumn Festival this year! 

Whether you want something traditional, something more modern, a vegan or gluten-free alternative or just something fun for the kids to enjoy, you have these recipes to use as a guide.




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