Forget pizzas and beers. This festive season, we recommend you these easy to make Christmas dishes that will impress your family and friends from start to finish. From zucchini rolls, roast turkey to cinnamon latte, put in the extra effort to make your Christmas extra special this year.

1. Pigs in Blankets

pigs in blankets3
Photo credit: Jamie Oliver

For starters, indulge your guests with these shiny and caramelised Pigs in Blankets that consist of bacon, chipolata sausages and honey. This is a great dish to whet your guests’ appetites before the main course is served. Categorised as ‘super easy’ on the difficulty level, this dish is easy to make as long as you follow the instructions closely.

Find the recipe here. 

2. Gluten-Free Zucchini Rolls

gluten free zucchini rolls
Photo credit: Honest Cooking

As your guests anticipate the main dishes, let them first nibble on some snacks, such as the zucchini rolls, which are light on the palate and a healthier choice. This dish is served cold, which means there is no cooking required. Simple enough, right?

Find the recipe here. 

3. Two-Mushroom Veloute

two mushroom5
Photo credit: Food & Wine

You will need a blender for this recipe – the puree is smooth and rich, flavours from the white and shiitake mushrooms blended to perfection, and topped with lightly fried mushroom slices for the extra crunchiness when savouring the soup.

Find the recipe here. 

4. Creamy Chicken Soup

creamy chic soup3

If mushroom soup is not your thing, then try chicken soup. Start early and simmer the ingredients for about eight hours in a Thermos® Shuttle Chef®, leaving you enough time to focus on the other dishes. If you like, you can also get fresh bread or breadsticks from the store to enjoy with your soup.

Find the recipe here.

5. Easy Turkey Crown

easy turkey crown5
Photo credit: BBC GoodFood

Turkey, glorious turkey! You don’t need a truckload of ingredients (just six), and you can serve four to six guests with just this dish. It is traditional, easy, and all you need is an oven big enough to fit the turkey. When purchasing a turkey, remember the general rule of thumb: one pound of turkey for every person at the table.

Find the recipe here.

6. Snowman Spoons

snowman spoons2
Photo credit: Woman’s Day

If you are having hot chocolate as an after-dinner treat, then complement it with Snowman Spoons – peppermint chocolate chips with pretzel sticks and marshmallows. This dessert is as adorable as it is delicious, and takes only 15 minutes to make!

Find the recipe here.

7. Maple Cinnamon Latte

maple cinnamon latte4

Wash down the meal with a cup of Maple Cinnamon Latte. Cinnamon gives one a Christmassy feel and the warm milk is a soothing beverage that brings a lovely end to the meal. Use cinnamon sugar to taste and decorate with cinnamon sticks for that Insta-worthy shot.

Find the recipe here.

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