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7 Easy Tips to Beat Singapore’s Hot Weather

Singapore is super-hot at the moment which – love or hate – means that we’ll all be having extra sun to play around with!

But the heat can also get a little intense, so it’s important to follow these 7 easy tips to help you stay cool while enjoying the best of Singapore’s hottest months.

1. Plan your day strategically
The weather is perfect for going outdoors 1

If you want to go for a jog in the park or hiking, do it early in the morning (ideally from 6AM) when the sun is not yet too intense or late evening when the weather has already cooled down. Be sure to dress in light and breathable clothing to take full advantage of this.

The air is also fresher in the earlier hours (thank you photosynthesis!), and the extra physical activity helps to build a healthy appetite for breakfast. Best off all – it adds an hour or two to your waking day!

2. Take advantage of the shade
The weather is perfect for going outdoors 2

Thankfully, Singapore has lots of trees to give you shade when you are exploring. If you’re waiting for the green man to cross a road, find some shade to avoid exposing yourself to too much heat from the sun. And while you’re taking refuge from the heat, take a sip from your Thermos® Tumbler to stay hydrated.

3. Keep your home cool
The weather is perfect for going outdoors 3

You’ll still feel the heat even if you’re at home, but there are ways to cool things down without spending a lot of money on air conditioning.

Use your blinds and curtains to keep the harmful sun rays out and put some plants inside your home to not only better oxygenate the space but also provide a cool atmosphere by evaporating moisture from the surroundings.

4. Unplug your devices
The weather is perfect for going outdoors 4

Did you know that keeping unused appliances plugged in can generate heat that can make your home hotter? Unplug anything you’re not using to reduce heat sources.

Be mindful of when you use your devices and appliances. For instance, baking at lunch or early in the afternoon will only make your already hot home feel hotter.

5. Treat yourself to some cooling drinks
The weather is perfect for going outdoors 5

Hot weather is the perfect time to experiment with different cooling drinks that you and your family can enjoy. Try this refreshing fruity iced tea recipe that puts a unique summer twist on your ordinary iced tea drink.

6. Eat ice cream
The weather is perfect for going outdoors 6

Of course, ice cream should be a no-brainer. But if you don’t want to head out for ice cream, make your own version at home! Here’s a matcha green tea ice cream recipe for all you matcha lovers at home to enjoy.

7. Use an iced pack to cool down
The weather is perfect for going outdoors 7

If the heat becomes too much to bear and you don’t want to crank up your air conditioner (and your electricity bill), you can stock up on some iced packs or iced water at home and apply them over pressure points like your neck, inner wrists, elbow bends, and ankles to help cool you down.

You can also check more tips to save money while keeping yourself cool during the intense Singapore heat.

As we continue to experience the heat in Singapore, make sure that you follow these tips to not only cool down but also keep yourself safe from risk of heat stroke.

Plan your outings well to make the most of summer without spending too much time under the sun.

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