7 Eco-Friendly Household Products You Can DIY

Get hands-on and switch to a more environmentally-friendly DIY option for your household products. These 7 examples utilise natural, commonly-found ingredients in your house (like essential oils and vinegar) that’ll help you save a few extra bucks!

1. Plant Insecticides


Owning a mini indoor garden comes with its pros and cons. The pros being that plants are natural air purifiers for the house, beautiful decorations to have, and that you may even get a chance to try your herbs or fruits. However, on the other hand, the potted plants can be an attractive host to many insects or even creepy crawlies (yuck!). To combat the possible infestation, try making your natural insecticides which are as effective as store-bought insecticides, but without all the harmful chemicals.

2. Hair Conditioner


If you’re not getting the promised soft, luscious hair from commercial conditioners, then perhaps you’d want to switch to an au naturel path for a change. Think nourishing, vitamin E-rich oils from coconut and olive, a citrusy scent from lemon or lime and the benefits of honey - your hair will thank you for this! Pick a homemade conditioner recipe to try.

3. Shaving Cream


Most of us will need at least a few pressurised cans of shaving cream in our lifetime (which can add up to the monthly expenditure). Try substituting store-bought ones with this homemade shaving cream recipe that is cost-friendly and can be made into bigger batches for later usage. The recipe also utilises natural oils to moisturise the skin, and you get to customise your scent too!

4. Mouthwash


Alcohol-based mouthwashes that give a burning sensation to the point of tearing up does not exactly make for a great morning experience. Instead, switch it up with a homemade peppermint herbal mouthwash that is antibacterial, minty and far gentler to your mouth. You can store each batch for up to two weeks in a cool, shaded area.

5. Body Lotion 


There are a lot of ways to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Some notable ones can range from staying hydrated (we’ve got Thermos® Tumblers if you’re looking for a hydration bottle!), having a well-balanced diet, and applying body lotions that deliver beneficial nutrients directly into the skin. Here’s an all-natural, nutrient-packed homemade lotion recipe you can try making at home!

6. Bug Repellent


Living in a wet, tropical country means that we’re always in a constant battle with pesky bugs, especially disease-carrying mosquitoes. Fortunately, there are a lot of natural essential oils that deter mosquitoes from buzzing close. Some of the notable ones are lemon eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil and lavender oil. DIY and mix the ingredients up to make a homemade repellent spray today! 

7. Glass Cleaner


If you want something effective and cheap to flu-proof your home, this natural glass cleaner solution is a handy helper that fits all the essential criteria. It’s non-toxic, smells good (as compared to chemically-enhanced commercial solutions), and only requires three simple ingredients: water, vinegar and your choice of essential oils. You can also customise by adding in a little more essential oils to negate the strong vinegar smell too!

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