Top 7 Foods To Keep Your Skin Clear and Healthy

When it comes to skin health, it isn’t just about what you put on your face, it is also about what you’re putting in your body. Integrate these 7 nutrient-packed ingredients into your diet to nourish your skin from the inside out!

1. Tomatoes


From cherry tomatoes to oval-shaped plum tomatoes, this fruit family member is a must-have ingredient for embarking on a healthy skin journey. They’re packed in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and are made of more than 90% water. This hydrating aspect allows your skin to stay moisturised, giving it a much-desired glow. Double the benefits by cooking up a collagen-rich Tomato Pork Spine Soup using the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® today!

2. Avocado


Avocados are basically healthy mono-saturated fats compacted into bulbs of green, fleshy goodness. These fats are regarded as beneficial to increasing skin elasticity and help reduce wrinkles. With its rich lauric acid content, the fruit is also a natural remedy for acne, and can help reduce skin inflammation and prevent future breakouts. Get all that nourishment in when you start your morning with a Green Smoothie Avocado Bowl!

3. Salmon


Much like avocados, salmon is also rich in healthy fats. They are known to contain a high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids that lower inflammation in the body. But that’s not all! Studies have also found that a hormone known as the IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor, is responsible for increasing sebum production and the risk acne breakouts. Consuming salmon can lower the amount of IGF-1 hormone, which in turn reduces skin flare ups. Give your skin a little lovin’ by making this homely, delicious Salmon & Turnip Milk Stew.

4. Oats

Photo Credit: CookingClassy

If dryness is your main skin complaint, then oats shall be your salvation. Oats, also considered a superfood, contain numerous antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties beneficial in managing acne and improving dry skin (especially when used as a face mask). It has a low glycemic index, meaning that it will not increase the production of IGF-1 hormone. The ingredient also possesses a high nutritional value that offers a well-rounded benefit to the body. Choose your oatmeal recipes here!

5. Green Tea


All kinds of tea come with skin benefits, but green tea reigns supreme with its potent antioxidant known as the ECGC (Epigallocatechin gallate). It aids to soothe skin inflammation, provides hydration and can slow signs of aging caused by free radicals from pollutants. Brew green tea for consumption before using it as a hydrating-toner by placing the teabags on your face. Either that or you can try this Watermelon Lime Green Tea or Lemongrass Green Tea!

6. Yogurt


Did you know that gut health is linked to skin health? This is because our gut plays the role of an immune-regulatory system in our body. If not maintained well, the body’s immune system will drop and make our body prone to infections and inflammation from external factors. Start by supplementing your gut and strengthening the digestive tract with beneficial probiotics found in plain yogurt! Try this Dried Fruit and Vanilla Yogurt Granola Bowl.

7. Berries


Size has nothing to do with the numerous benefits berries bring to improving one’s skin. Berries, no matter what kind, are full of an antioxidant known as phenolics. The compound is responsible for protecting the skin from external triggers that often result in wrinkles, dullness and uneven skin tone. Bonus, they are delicious too! Treat your skin to a delicious serving of Fruit Ratatouille or Blueberry Cheese Ice Cream.

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