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7 Inspiring Ideas for Your Child to Celebrate International Youth Day

The theme of this year’s International Youth Day is on planet health and innovation, so this article gives 7 ideas for encouraging your child to become an active participant in looking after their planet and helping to make the world a better place.

1. Focus on the environment
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Your child may already be noticing the different coloured and labelled bins in which to put rubbish. But because the outcome of recycling is not as obvious, it is important to teach them what recycling means and the positive impact it can have on the world. Also, reusing items is just as important as a way of reducing waste. The Thermos® Go Green Series has some great reusable products for kids to enjoy.

2. Learn to cook, and give
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We all learn how to cook to feed ourselves and our families! when we’re older! But we can go one step further by preparing a dish with your child for someone in the community who needs a fresh, hot meal. Whether it is an elderly member of the community, or a family member in need, having your child make a meal for them is a great way of harnessing a new skill while also performing a selfless act. This selection of recipes is a great place to start.

3. Help a family member
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Bring helping others closer to home by supporting an older loved one. Encourage your child to bake a cake for grandma, clean granddad's house, or help them with their shopping. Not only is this a kind act, but it’s fun to hang out with grandad, grandma, auntie or uncle anyway!

4. Write a letter or a card
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Letters and cards are becoming much rarer now, so having your child create one for a friend or family member would put a huge smile on the recipient’s face. Your child can get as creative as they like with their card, or for the older kids, as poetic as they wish with their letter. Not only is this a great opportunity for your child to express their creativity, but also a wonderful way to show someone they care.

5. Volunteer

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Helping out a worthy cause by volunteering your time with your child shows the importance of supporting those less fortunate. Your child looks up to you, and if they see you helping out those in need, they will follow suit. If it's a volunteer programme where you’ll be on your feet, take the Thermos® Straw Bottle or Dual-Stoppers Sports Bottle with Pouch to keep them hydrated. Find a curated list of volunteer opportunities here.

6. Small acts of kindness
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Teaching your children small courteous acts such as holding the door for someone, offering to play with someone at the playground who is on their own, picking up litter, or even smiling and saying hello to people can do a lot for both the recipient and themselves. A little kindness goes a long way.

7. Donate
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Donations don’t always need to be the transferring of money. Make donating a far more literal act by having your child collect up their old, unwanted toys at home, then bring them along to a donation bank to give to charity, knowing that some other children are going to get the same joy from their toys as they did! Some donation locations can be found here and here.


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