Soup is great as a side dish as well as a main. From family dinners to late night suppers, let us inspire you to cook with these soup recipes.

  1. Chilled Avocado Soup with Tortilla Chips

chilled avo soup3
Photo credit: Jamie Oliver

Chilled soup? Why not! The combination of creamy avocado soup and crunchy tortilla chips gives you texture and a rich flavour, perfect as a late-night movie snack. If you don’t have time to bake your own tortilla chips, the store-bought tortilla chips work just fine.

Find the recipe here.

  1. Chicken Voodle Soup

chic voodle soup2
Photo credit: Martha Stewart

Voodles is the new noodles, obviously. Martha Stewart gives this classic dish a twist by replacing noodles with zucchini ribbons, which means it’s healthier, has less carbs, and certainly crunchier! This recipe is great for people who are watching their weight or prefer a healthier alternative to noodles.

Find the recipe here.

  1. Golden Beetroot Soup with Stir-Fried Pea Shoots (Dou Miao)

golden beetroot soup4

Beetroot is a good source of iron; recent health studies also considered that this superfood can help lower blood pressure and prevent dementia. While we are familiar with red beetroots, this recipe makes use of a different variety of this root vegetable – orange or golden beetroot.

The main difference between golden beetroot and red beetroot is that the former has a sweeter taste and a less “earthy” flavour.  Besides boasting a number of vitamins and minerals, golden beetroot is less likely to stain your counter top or chopping board as compared to the red beets.

Find the recipe using golden beetroot and pea shoots here.

  1. Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana Copycat Recipe

olive garden zuppa3
Photo credit: damndelicious

“Zuppa Toscana” literally means “soup in the style of Tuscany”. Olive Garden, an American casual dining restaurant chain, created the American version of this soup (thus “copycat”). The recipe added Italian sausage and heavy cream to the soup, making it a little richer and more indulgent.

Find the recipe here.

  1. Klang Bak Kut Teh

klang bkt2
Photo credit: Noob Cook

If you like pork and a strong herbal taste coupled with delicious and chewy beancurd sticks and mushrooms, then you will have to try this Malaysian-style Bak Kut Teh. Instead of a claypot, opt for the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® to help you simmer your dish to perfection.

Find the recipe here. Here’s a tip: you can easily switch out the pork in this dish with chicken, or fish.

  1. Filipino Pork Noodle Soup with Shrimp Paste

filipino pork noodle soup3
Photo credit: Saveur

Also known as La Paz batchoy, this Filipino dish is originated from the La Paz district in Iloilo city. A little similar to Ban Mian but with a twist, this recipe uses pork butt – which actually doesn’t come from anywhere near a pig’s butt, but rather, from its shoulder – as one of its main ingredients.

Try making this dish for your Filipino friends the next time you see them. Or bring this dish to share at work using a portable TCRA-1800 Shuttle Chef® or RPF-20 Shuttle Chef®.

Find the recipe here.

  1. Fish & Tofu Miso Soup

fish tofu miso soup3

Miso is a traditional ingredient used in many Japanese and Asian cuisines. This protein-rich paste contains many enzymes that is beneficial for your gut and immune system.It is probably one of the easiest way to incorporate this superfood into your diet.

Want to prepare some miso soup for lunch at work? Try making the Fish and Tofu Miso Soup, which can easily be prepared and brought to office with a Thermos® Food Jar.  For added flavour, you can include salmon belly, white radish, cabbage and Enoki mushrooms.

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