7 Simple Ways to Boost Our Mental Health

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that we should be kinder to our mental health. So, if you’re feeling burned out or just need a little boost, here are seven simple practices you can start embracing to promote better mental wellness.

1. Get back to cooking

When was the last time you cooked your favourite meal for the family? Cooking can be therapeutic, especially when you’re cutting ingredients, following a guided recipe and the results can be enjoyed by the entire family.

If you need some inspiration, here’s a beef stew recipe that will be a family hit. Cut the long process of simmering for the meat to be tender using the Thermos® Shuttle Chef®. More recipes are available here.

2. Treat yourself to some sleep

When was the last time you slept like a baby? Sleep deprivation can take a toll on your mind and body, so make sure you build a daily routine that allows you enough sleep of at least seven to eight hours each night.

Set the mood before bedtime by taking a warm bath to relax your mind, avoid stimulating activities near bedtime like being on your phone or digital device, working in bed or exercising rigorously. A great way to wind your body down to sleep is by preparing your bedroom appropriately with these techniques:
     • Dimming the lights 1 to 2 hours before to have your body get into the habit of winding down for sleep.
     • Aromatic smells such as lavender essence are great for relaxing the body and mind.
     • White noise or nature sounds to block out noise from outside and to help the mind drift off to sleep. 

3. Practice yoga

Yoga has done wonders for people who are stressed and exhausted. You don’t even need to be a master at it to enjoy its benefits.

In fact, you can check out a huge range of free online classes on YouTube that can get you started on the basics of yoga. But if you really want to be in a yoga studio, check out this 30minute yoga session that focuses on mental health. Keep yourself hydrated by keeping your Thermos® Sports Bottle nearby.

4. Spend time with furry friends

Do you have a pet at home? Studies have shown that spending time with your dog can actually help to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

Dogs are very loyal, can sense if you’re having a bad day and always offer to comfort you with their cuddles. Don’t own a dog? Head to a dog cafe to get some hugs! 

Cat lovers? Head to a cat cafe to get your feline fix!

5. Learn breathing techniques

Proper breathing is still one of the easiest ways to calm yourself when suffering from anxiety or having a panic attack.

Plus, you can do it anywhere, so it’s very important to learn these different breathing techniques that might come in handy when you feel overwhelmed.

6. Play a game of sudoku

A lot of people love sudoku because it’s not only fun but also very relaxing. In fact, studies have shown that playing games that stimulate your mind help to reduce stress and make you feel calmer. Try this game with your family for a fun game night, and use your Thermos® Carafe so you don’t need to step away from your puzzle! 

7. Go out to explore the Nature

Sometimes, you just need a change of environment if you’re already feeling overwhelmed with where you are. Include some time off in your schedule and head out to explore nature.

Whether it’s hiking, biking or camping during the weekend, get to a different place surrounded by nature to make a huge difference in how you deal with your anxiety.

Of course, don’t just limit yourself to this list. There are many ways to boost your mental wellness and see the world from a different perspective. Treat yourself, prioritise self-care, and don’t feel guilty by saying no to things or people that don’t benefit your mental health. 

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