7 Simple Ways to Make the Year of the Rabbit a Success

The beginning of a new year means the opportunity to improve different aspects of your life. As we welcome the year of the rabbit - an animal known for being hard-working, smart, and persevering - here are 7 ways to mirror these ideals and make 2023 your year!

1. Get fit

Have you always wanted to get fit? Make it happen this year by setting a fitness goal and working hard to achieve it through consistency. Invest in a Thermos® Sports Bottle to keep you hydrated when working out, whether it’s following some home-based yoga sessions, or exploring Singapore on some hikes.

2. Get that promotion

Make 2023 your year for professional development by working hard on getting that promotion. If you’ve been working for the same company for many years, follow this guide on how to move up the ranks. Or perhaps you can proactively level up by utilising MySkillsFuture credits or enrol in an online course to learn a new skill or trade.

3. Get started on savings

Have you been spending a lot on unnecessary stuff over the last few years? Break the cycle by opening a savings account instead. That being said, it is very easy to dip into those savings and use the money on things you might not need. With this in mind, put together a 2-5 year savings plan that restricts any withdrawals during the term period. This way, you’ll have a nice nest egg of savings to use on something more substantial. 

Another idea would be to invest in items that will save you money in the long-term, such as the One-Push Tumbler, ensuring you stop buying those bottles of water when out and about. For more ideas on saving, read these tips to get you in the right mindset this year. 

4. Get a house

If you’ve been renting for many years and you’re tired of moving from one place to the other, this is the right time to get a place to finally call your own.

Since buying a house is a huge financial commitment, make sure you’re ready by considering this advice. And when the deal is closed, reward yourself with a new Thermos® Shuttle Chef® as a housewarming present.

5. Get happy

Who doesn’t want to be happy anyway? Having the right mindset is the first step to becoming happier and more satisfied with your life.

Make taking care of your mental well-being a priority this year; follow this guide to get started and this article for 7 simple steps. Invest in things and experiences that will make you feel happier - you’ll thank yourself later. 

6. Get a hobby

If you feel like your life only revolves around work and house chores, break that cycle by allowing yourself to discover new interests.

Getting a hobby and doing something you enjoy, even just for a few hours a week, can make a huge difference to your mental and emotional well-being, helping you to get happy too. 

It could be reviving a hobby that you used to do or starting a completely new one. Whatever makes you feel great and gets you away from the hustle and bustle, go for it and keep your Tumbler next to you to keep you refreshed. 

7. Get cooking

You might not realise it, but cooking can be so therapeutic. If you’ve been bingeing on takeaways and dining out over the past year, commit to cooking more meals at home in 2023.

Motivate yourself by getting your own Thermos® Shuttle Chef® to help make cooking complex dishes fast and easy. Start with this simple One Pot Polish Cabbage Roll.

Get a good head start by welcoming the year of the rabbit with a fresh perspective through these 7 practices that, when carried out consistently, will transform your life for the better!

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