7 Sports and Activities You Can Do Today That Bring Back Nostalgia

Bring back the nostalgia from your childhood days by revisiting them as an adult through sports and activities! Here are 7 sports and activities you loved as a kid and can do again, kidult-style.

1. Rock climbing

The only thing that trumps running around the playground is using its various features as makeshift obstacles! Since your adult physique probably makes things a little too easy, why not reach for the skies and pivot your enthusiasm towards rock-climbing! Not only is it loads of fun, but it's also an amazing full-body workout. Get a list of rock climbing centers here.

2. Jump rope

Remember Zero Point? It's like dancing the Limbo but instead of going under, the aim is to jump across at different heights from ankle to head level with or without making contacts over the rope. And the 'rope' is essentially a chain formed of rubber bands. It was the ultimate test of agility, though there would always be that one 'sabo king' who twangs the rope in the hopes of knocking you out of the game. Now, stringing at least 50 rubber bands together may not be the best use of your time (or sanity), so we suggest going with jump rope skipping instead!

3. Five stones
Photo Credit: Little Day Out

Few childhood games can match the nail-biting intensity of Five Stones. Championing it requires an impressive combination of skill, reflexes and hand-eye coordination – still think you have what it takes? What's good is that there's absolutely nothing stopping you from picking it up (pardon the pun) once again, now that you're all grown up. The question is: how far will you get this time?

4. Birdwatching
Photo Credit: Birding Outdoors

Some things just never go out of style. If you enjoyed birdwatching as a kid, there's no reason why you can't continue doing so or reconnect with it as an adult. Singapore is home to multiple avian species, and all you need is some patience and a good pair of binoculars to get started. Be sure to pack some snacks in your Thermos® Food Jar in case you get hungry; just don't let the birds get to them! Get the best spots here.

5. Snorkelling
Photo Credit: Travel Triangle

There are some perks to be had growing up in an island nation. Sure – the climate can get a tad icky, but you get to be surrounded by water! Whether it's with the pool or the beach, having a dip or two was always great fun as a kid. Instead of cannonballing in like the good ol' days, why not go for a round of snorkelling and see what you discover in the great blue yonder? Better yet – call out some friends and make it a group activity! Get the best spots here.

6. Kayaking
Photo Credit: TimeOut

If you ever were on (or tried out for) the Dragon Boat team in school, you'll definitely enjoy a more laid back setting that comes with kayaking. It's a relaxing way to spend the day and also exposes you to certain sights around Singapore that most would probably miss. While you're packing your sunscreen lotion, be sure that your Thermos® Sports Bottle makes the inventory as it's crucial to staying hydrated while you're out on the water. Don’t know where to pick up a kayak? Get the list here.

7. Block catching

Adults hate it, but kids love it. Yes – we're talking about Block Catching. As if a regular game of keep-away wasn't enough, we had it at the void decks of HDB blocks – ducking and weaving as we ran at breakneck speeds. Instead of recapturing your childhood glory point-for-point, perhaps a few rounds of paintball would be more well-suited. It's sort of like Block Catching, but with paintball guns! It's fun but also physically intense; you'll be glad you brought along your Thermos® One-Push Tumbler for hydration! Choose your paintball arena here, here and here.

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