7 Traditional Snack Recipes to Celebrate Deepavali

Spices and priority on flavours are what makes Indian snacks so addictive to munch and slurp on! From sweet Coconut Ladoo to savoury Steamed Bafauri, let’s dive right into these 7 lips-smacking Indian snacks you can make in the comfort of your own home.

1. Falooda

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Thinking of an all-rounded, indulging dessert that’ll satisfy your whole family? Try making this Falooda recipe! Rich, creamy and smooth, Falooda is an Indian recipe made with vermicelli. It also contains rose syrup, sweetened milk, ice cream and soaked basil seeds. You can garnish the beverage with some chopped pistachios (or your favourite nuts and seeds) to give it a crunchy texture as well. You can serve them in the Thermos® Tumbler Cup to keep it cold but just remember to finish the drink while it is still fresh.

2. Coconut Ladoo

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Flavour varieties in desserts are always appreciated - like this Coconut Ladoo recipe! You can opt for the base to be made up of condensed milk and fresh coconut, or desiccated coconut and sugar. Then, you can build up your own flavours with a variety of fruit jams, sprinkles, crushed seeds and nuts, and even flowers. Just note that the flavour additions are a modernised version of the traditional coconut ladoo recipe, so if you prefer a simpler, cleaner flavour, just ditch the flavour additions!

3. Dairy-free Rasmalai

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Have you tried a serving of Dairy-free Rasmalai? Believe us, it is amazing and perfect for individuals with lactose intolerance! The recipe replaces the traditional cottage milk cheese balls with cashew milk, and condensed milk with maple syrup and rose water. This Dairy-free Rasmalai dish does not need any heavy cooking, meaning that you can get your children to join in the simple prep process as a way to bond.

4. Steamed Bafauri

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Festival snacks can be delicious and healthy - and this Steamed Bafauri recipe will prove it to you! A healthier counterpart to fried Pakoras, this recipe uses the technique of steaming, eliminating the excess fat from frying in a pan of oil. Similarly, this recipe is vegan and uses highly-nutritious ingredients like lentils, sweat pea and garlic. Make your plate of Steamed Bafauri today.

Tip: Skip the traditional method of cooking this dish and let it steam in the Shuttle chef instead. Not only will you get the same taste, but you’ll save on electricity as well!

5. Hara Bara Kebab

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If you lean on the side of savoury snacks and are always conscious of making the healthier choice when it comes to your diet, Hara Bara Kabab will be your best, most-nutritious option! Made with calcium-packed spinach, potatoes and green peas, the dish is a good energy booster for anyone needing a post-lunch recharge. It’s also great for children and can be cooked easily without much hassle. Try it!

6. Sabudana Vada

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A simple, evening snack often served with a tantalising side of green chutney, Sabudana Vada is a sure way to fill the tummies of your house guests and family. This high-carb snack is made of an edible starch from palm trees known as sago, along with potatoes and peanuts. It’s then flavoured with a tangy mix of lime or lemon juice, green chillies and salt. During which, you can also add in a dash of paprika for more spice! Get the recipe here!

7. Aloo Paratha

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When it comes to festivities and hosting, things can get really busy for the owner of the house. So, try this 3-ingredient Aloo Paratha that will satisfy your guest while keeping your kitchen time to the minimum. This allows you more time to socialise and catch up with the latest happenings!  

Tip: If you’ve got guests with differing taste buds, you can offer small bowls of chopped chillies, onions, lime wedges and dips to cater to their needs! 

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