Thermos SG April 7 Ways to Flu Proof Your Home Hero


When you’re out and about your everyday life, you may not realise that you’re picking up germs and bacteria everywhere you go. This is especially problematic during flu season as you may be unconsciously bringing home germs that would get you or your family sick. To help prevent the spread of germs, we have 7 ways to help you detox your home.

  1. Scour everyday surfaces

    Scour everyday surfaces

    Did you know that tables, desks, counters, and other surfaces are popular hangouts for bacteria and viruses? In fact, experts claim that your desk can contain around 400 times more bacteria than your toilet seat! To prevent these nasty microorganisms from spreading, wipe down home and office surfaces regularly and be particularly prudent in disinfecting areas where food is prepped or consumed.

  2. Disinfect your devices

    Disinfect your devices

    Another hotbed of germ activity is one you carry with you every day: your phone. Whether you’re talking on your phone or swiping the screen to check your newsfeed, microorganisms are constantly transferred from you and your surroundings onto your device. It is thus important to clean your phones frequently with antibacterial wipes. While you’re at it, give your tablets and TV remote controls a good clean too. 

  1. Give the bathroom a scrub down

    Give the bathroom a scrub down

    As a space that is constantly damp, the bathroom is unsurprisingly a prime breeding ground for germs, so be sure to give it a thorough cleaning. Spray, scrub, and disinfect the sink and tap, before moving on to the toilet seat and handle. If someone in the family is sick, keep some hot water at hand in a Thermos® Carafe to disinfect the toothbrush and sink after each use – it’s much easier and safer to manoeuvre than just running hot water from the tap. 

  1. Decontaminate the kitchen

    Decontaminate the kitchen

    Stovetops, cutting boards, sinks, dishcloths, and sponges are all popular hiding spots for bacteria that need to be wiped down after every use. The same goes for your dinnerware – including your Thermos® Food Jars – which need to be cleaned thoroughly and left to air dry completely before storing. This prevents moisture from accumulating and germs from breeding.

  2. Leave your shoes at the door

    Leave your shoes at the door

    Flu viruses and bacteria thrive in mud, dirt, and debris, which can easily get stuck onto your shoes, especially between the grooves of your sole. To keep your home flu-proof, it’s a good idea to have a clean doormat at the entrance of your home to give your shoes a light scrub before removing them. To be doubly sure, wash the soles of your shoes regularly using hot, soapy water to remove any germs.

  1. Sanitise your cleaning gear

    Sanitise your cleaning gear

    With all that cleaning you’ve got to do, don’t waste your efforts by neglecting your cleaning tools. It’s vital to keep these gears germ-free to avoid inadvertently infecting your entire home. From your mop to your water pail, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, and toilet brush, they all need to be disinfected to be rid of bacteria. Make sure to dry your mops and brushes in a well-ventilated area or under the sun to kill any lingering germs with natural UV rays. 

  1. Practise healthy habits

    Practise healthy habits

    On top of keeping your home germ-free, one of the most important ways of being flu-proof is having a strong immune system. Encourage the family to maintain a healthy lifestyle by having good sleeping habits, eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and greens, exercising regularly, and drinking lots of healthy fluids. Remind your kids to always bring along their trusty Thermos® Straw Bottles to stay hydrated wherever they go. Consider regularly replacing the silicone straw to avoid bacteria build-up from improper care. You may find some replacement accessories here.

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