7 ways you can Do Good this National Day

National Day is getting close! Be involved in this year’s themes #PledgeSG and #DoingGood by giving back to the community. Try your hand at these 7 activities and join the relevant causes below.

1. Make a pledge
Photo Credit: NDP Singapore

#PledgeSG is all about getting Singaporeans to commit to building a more inclusive and gracious society for future generations. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture; even the smallest actions can have a positive ripple effect. You can either use your own social media page to be a part of this social movement or submit your pledge directly to the Digital Social Wall.

2. Deliver groceries to those in need

Chores like grocery shopping can be difficult for the elderly and infirm, especially when long distances or heavy bags are involved. ONE Emergency Fund is recruiting volunteers to assist in purchasing and delivering daily essentials to vulnerable groups. Grocery costs will be reimbursed, and you can always indicate your preferred delivery area and dates of availability! Find out more here.

3. Test your fitness in the YMCA Special Needs Inclusive Challenge
Photo Credit: Fuji YMCA

Physically active individuals can channel their fitness towards a good cause with the YMCA Special Needs Inclusive Challenge. The challenge is divided into categories - CLIMB and WALK, RUN, HIKE OR CYCLE, and participants can raise funds for YMCA programmes while also showing their support for this year's YMCA Special Needs Ambassadors as they conquer Japan's iconic Mt. Fuji virtually. Don't forget to bring along your Thermos® One-Push Tumbler to hydrate!

4. Be a digital ambassador for elderly people
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We often take our tech-savviness for granted; not everyone is so fortunate. Elderly groups often face difficulties in adopting modern gadgetry, which is a bit worrisome as more essential services head online. A guiding hand can help to boost their digital literacy skills while simultaneously creating a more digitally inclusive community. You can play your part here.

5. Wheel The Ground to collect wheelchair accessibility data
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Have you heard of "putting yourself in others' shoes"? Trading said shoes for wheels can help you to learn more about wheelchair accessibility and its limitations. You'll also be helping to gather important data for Smart Barrier-Free Access in this #WheelTheGround initiative – a navigation app designed to help wheelchair users locate barrier-free access paths, reducing travel distance and time.

6. Challenge yourself to complete 22km in 22 days
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Pick out your best running shoes and your Thermos® Sports Bottle. Long-distance runners can put their endurance to the test while simultaneously raising awareness for Muscular Dystrophy. Clocking 22 kilometres within 22 days is no mean feat, but it allows us to appreciate our able-bodies – a gift that not everyone can enjoy.

7. Improve living conditions with Project HomeWorks
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Everyone has the right to a safe and sanitary home. However, some individuals are unable to exercise that right due to unfortunate circumstances. Project HomeWorks aims to assist vulnerable groups through volunteer-driven cleaning, packing, re-organising, painting and more.

Get the full suite of #DoGood activities for National Day here.

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