You may not necessarily have a fine dining restaurant décor or a fancy menu, but that does not mean that you can’t cook gourmet food at home. Here are eight  recipes we’d like to recommend you try out. Bon appetit!

  1. Cherry Gazpacho

cherry gazpacho
Photo credit: Fine Dining Lovers

Let’s start with an appetizer. Try this cold soup (aka: gazpacho) made with cherries lemon, orange juice and vegetables. It's easy to prepare and undoubtedly delicious! All you need is 2 minutes to blend the ingredients together, and chill the soup in the fridge for about 2 hours.

Find the recipe here.

  1. Quail Egg and Ricotta Ravioli

quail egg ricotta tavioli2
Photo credit: Kitchen Nine

When we think Italian we think of ravioli, the traditional dumplings served with creamy sauce and that delicious buttery scent. Make your own ravioli by following this recipe, which teaches you how to create the pasta and sauce from scratch.

  1. Sea Bream, Pistachio and Broccoli

seabream pisatchio
Photo credit: Fine Dining at Home

If you fancy something light and healthy (think omega-3 essential fatty acid) as your main course, try cooking sea bream and pair it with pistachio and broccoli. The pistachio and pistachio oil give your dish an extra fragrant boost, making it irresistible even before you taste it!

Find the recipe here.

  1. Spicy Chicken Thighs with Sweet and Tangy Honey Glaze

spicy chic thighs
Photo credit: Once Upon a Chef

This recipe is a good start for those who want to get your hands on gourmet cooking yet not make something over the top. This dish requires only 3 key steps for preparation – mix all the ingredients, coat them evenly on the chicken thighs, glaze it with honey and vinegar – and you are good to leave it in your oven to cook!

Reduce the amount of cayenne pepper if you are making this for your little ones.

  1. Grilled Spice-Rubbed Beef Tenderloin Filets with Chimichurri

grilled spice rubbed beef chimichurri3
Photo credit: Once Upon a Chef

For those who can’t live without meat, we would recommend you indulge in this juicy steak with an Argentinian flair. Paired with flavourful chimichurri, a tangy and zesty condiment perfect for grilled meat, this dish is curiously intense and refreshing at the same time.

Find the recipe here.

  1. Oeufs à la Neige (aka: Floating Island)

floating island
Photo credit: Fine Dining at Home

Translated to Snow Eggs (a classic French dessert of small poached meringues floating on custard sauce), Oeufs a la Neige may look difficult to make but it can actually be done in about 30 minutes. This fancy dessert is a sweet finish to your meal thanks to its creamy custard and caramel. Fancy eggs, anyone?

Find the recipe here.

  1. Banana, Lime and Priprioca Caramel Ravioli

priprioca caramel raviolli3
Photo credit: Fine Dining Lovers

Decadent and healthy, we love this dessert for a number of reasons: the priprioca caramel, crème patisserie, lemon and banana ravioli, and lemon zest. Add these together and you will get a mouthwatering and zesty dessert!

Find the recipe here.

  1. Holiday Peppermint Mocha

holiday peppermint mocha4
Photo credit: Taste of Home

Finish off your meal on a soothing and refreshing note with the Holiday Peppermint Mocha. Even though it is not exactly the holiday season yet, there is no reason not to enjoy this delicious drink. If you are making a large amount of mocha, keep it in an alfi® carafe to ensure that it is still warm when you are ready to enjoy it.

Find the recipe here.

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