Thermos SG July 8 Delicious Recipes Inspired by European Dishes Hero


Expand your culinary repertoire and be inspired by iconic dishes and flavours from around Europe by trying your hands at making these delicious dishes in the comforts of your home kitchen. 

  1. Greece: Tzatziki

    Photo credit: Live Eat Learn

    Typically served as a side to meats or as part of a meze platter, this delicious recipe pairs well with a wide range of dishes as a flavour booster. The yoghurt base helps to mellow out spices, the cucumber adds a refreshing crunch, and the garlic packs a mouth-watering kick. For a simple, healthy snack, serve as a dip with your choice of cut veggies.

    Find the recipe here.

  1. Italy: Baked Cheese & Veg Frittata

    Baked Cheese Veg Frittata

    Served as a hearty breakfast or a tasty side at lunch or dinner, frittatas are not only a great way to sneak healthy greens onto your kid’s plate, but is also a delicious way to clean out the fridge. Instead of the traditional pan-fried method, bake this eggy goodness in your Thermos® Shuttle Chef® to ensure your dish does not get burnt while keeping your hair and clothing grease-free.

    Find the recipe here.

  1. Germany: German Sausage Tomato Stew

    German Sausage Tomato Stew

    Whether it’s bratwursts or frankfurters you fancy, this versatile soup recipe works perfectly with your choice of German sausage. The addition of sauerkraut makes this tangy stew a great for gut health thanks to the immune-boosting probiotics and nutrients.

    Find the recipe here.

  1. Hungary: Beef Goulash

    Beef Goulash
    Photo credit: BBC Good Food

    With its origin tracing as far back as the 9th century, this hearty stew has since grown from a humble shepherd’s dinner to one of the national dishes of Hungary. Combining the sweetness of tomatoes with the smokiness of paprika and richness of beef, goulash is comfort food at its finest.

    Find the recipe here.

  1. France: Fresh Styled Bouillabaisse Fish Soup


    Love seafood but find the thought of cooking it too intimidating? Let your Thermos® Shuttle Chef® lend you a hand in preparing this classic French dish. By gently heating the contents with its vacuum insulation technology, there’s no fear of your soup boiling over or getting your fish and shellfishes overcooked.

    Find the recipe here.

  1. Spain: Spanish Seafood Paella


    Almost synonymous with Spanish cuisine, this brightly coloured rice is traditionally quite a tedious dish to cook, as it requires careful control of the cooking temperature. However, this simplified recipe lets you enjoy the delightful taste of paella without any of that hassle. All you need if your trusty Thermos® Food Jar.

    Find the recipe here.

  1. Belgium: Moules Frites

    Moules Frites 2
    Photo credit: Good to Know

    Belgium is perhaps best known for its chocolate, waffles, and beer, but this quick and easy mussels and fries pairing is actually a national dish. You can make your own variations by adding a touch of fresh cream for a more decadent sauce or substitute white wine with beer for a malty twist. You can also serve the mussels with crusty bread instead of fries.

    Find the recipe here.

  1. UK: Summer Pudding

    summer pudding
    Photo credit: The Rockpool Files

    If you haven’t tried summer pudding, you’re missing out. This magnificent-looking dessert is filled with the sweet, tangy fresh berries, and cannot be easier to make. This no-bake recipe is held together with slices of crustless white bread that is left to soak up all the juices to form a velvety casing for the fruits.

    Find the recipe here.

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