8 Fun Activities for Your Kids to Enjoy During the School Holidays

Another school year is over, and while it’s nice the kids are home, you’re also wondering how to keep them entertained over the next few weeks.
We got you covered with these 8 fun and entertaining activities that will make their holiday break unforgettable.

1. Take them to a Lego wonderland
Photo Credit: Science Centre Singapore

What kid doesn’t love Lego anyway? The Science Centre Singapore brings you “Brickman® Wonders of the World,” an exhibition featuring 50 Lego masterpieces of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Let them learn more about history while being in awe of these Lego creations. The exhibit runs from 25rd March to 3rd July 2022.

2. Go on a family staycation

Your kids worked hard in school, and your hard work ensured they did their best, so you all deserve a staycation. Find a family-friendly staycation where you get to relax while your kids enjoy fun activities led by professionals who will keep them entertained all day.

3. Let them jump around
Photo Credit: Kiztopia

Kids love to jump and run around, so why not let them loose? From 3rd-26th June, Kiztopia features eight food-themed inflatables that your kids can enjoy. Nothing’s more fun than jumping around giant macarons and burgers, after all. Bring along your Thermos® One-Push Tumbler to keep the kids hydrated.

4. Take them out for a nature walk
Photo Credit: Honey Kids Asia

Entertaining your kids doesn’t have to be expensive. Singapore has no shortage of riverside parks where you can go on walks with the kids and enjoy nature without spending anything—except for some snacks stored in the Thermos® Food Jar.

Don’t know where to go? Here are eight family-friendly river walks to try.

5. Immerse them in science
Photo Credit: Science Centre Singapore

Do your kids love science? Surprise them with a day at the Smart Nation Playscape, an interactive experience that showcases the technology behind Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative.

For your budding scientists, this exhibit features 8 technology zones offering different experiences, so they’ll surely have a grand time.

6. Take them out on a farm day
Photo Credit: Honey Kids Asia

Kids rarely experience farm life these days, so what better way to teach them how fruits and vegetables are grown than to take them where the action happens.

Singapore has many farms that will allow your kids to get fully immersed in what farm life is all about.

7. Get them up close with dinosaurs
Photo Credit: Changi Airport Group

If your kids are fascinated with dinosaurs, let them experience what it’s like being surrounded by them—or at least their replicas—at the Jurassic Mile, Singapore’s newest permanent outdoor display that features more than 20 different creatures.

This gem is located near Changi Airport which holds many other attractions including the Jewel-Jurassic Quest!

8. Go on a hike

It’s great to plan activities that involve the outdoors so the kids can get a breath of fresh air and walk amongst nature.

If you’re an adventurous family, you can hike around some of Singapore’s most popular nature reserves that feature lush forests and beautiful trails, which the entire family will surely enjoy. Ensure everyone stays hydrated outdoors with the Thermos® Sports Bottles.

Make the most out of the school break by planning unforgettable activities that they’ll remember for a long time.

Whether you want to stay nearby, explore the outdoors or head to your usual spots, make sure that you plan everything well to have the best time.

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