8 Homemade Frozen Treats That’ll Bring Christmas To You

Christmas is the best time to feast and be merry! Indulge in these 8 homemade frozen treats that will not only cool you off from the tropical heat but will also bring Christmas closer to your tummy and heart!

1. Blueberry Cheese Ice Cream


Ice cream is one of the world’s greatest inventions, fact! But did you know you can make it yourself from scratch? Cool off from a humid day by making a Homemade Blueberry Cheese Ice Cream. This delightful treat blends the sweet blueberry sauce and creamy cheese flavour to melt in your mouth. Combine the ingredients with a blender, pre-cool a Thermos® Food Jar, place the mixture in and let science work its magic. 

2. Frozen Yoghurt Bark with Berries

Photo Credit: diethood.com

Love yoghurt? Simply freeze colourful blue and red berries along with this yoghurt recipe for a delicious, healthy, refreshing snack this holiday season. It’s so quick to whip up, plus you can decorate it the way you like. You’ll want batches of these yoghurt barks in your freezer even after Christmas.

3. Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Photo Credit: epicurious.com

Perfect for holiday parties with big and little kids alike, Frozen Chocolate Bananas are a quick and simple treat to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. These potassium and antioxidant-filled fruit delights are plunged in rich chocolate, then sprinkled with colourful sprinkles and crunchy nuts.

4. Prosecco and Tangerine Sorbet with Red Berries Recipe

Photo Credit: realfood.tesco.com

Top off your Christmas dinner with this exquisite Prosecco and Tangerine Sorbet with Red Berries recipe. Allot a few days to prepare this delicious dessert and a tasty kick awaits you from the boozy berries, cool mint, and sugary sweetness - all complementing one another for a flavourful treat. Enjoy this dessert in the Thermos Tumbler Cup to keep it cool longer for maximum enjoyment.

5. Candy Cane Dessert Squares

Photo Credit: landolakes.com

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth over the holidays? Make Candy Cane Dessert Squares for everyone to make the night extra special. You can never go wrong with a chocolate, peppermint and cream combination of soft cookie bars. Top it off with crushed and miniature candy canes to make it an instant Christmas favourite!

6. Frozen Chocolate Mudslide

Photo Credit: thechunkychef.com

Milkshakes are for everyone, even for adults! Ideal for any grown-up, the Frozen Chocolate Mudslide takes on a different kick by adding Kahlua and vodka. While you can enjoy it at most restaurants and bars, it’s more enjoyable to make in the comfort of your home. Play with the mixture and customise it as you’d like for a relaxing drink over the festive period.

7. Mango Banana Smoothie


Before you go out to shop for Christmas presents, start your day right with this flavourful Mango Banana Smoothie. It’s a deliciously thick, creamy, and sweet drink requiring few ingredients and is very easy to prepare. While it’s typically like a ray of sunshine in a cup, you can also enjoy it as an afternoon or a midnight snack for your much-needed pick-up.

8. Strawberry-Citrus Freezer Pops

Photo Credit: tasteofhome.com

Who says sweet strawberries, oranges, and clementines can’t go with each other in a frozen treat? Well, they may not have tried these Strawberry-Citrus Freezer Pops yet! These ice pops are bursting with the perfect blend of freshness and citrusy taste that both kids and adults will cherish! Plus, it’s easy to make. Blend the ingredients and freeze until firm. Simple!

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