8 Stay Home Activities To Do With Dad This Father’s Day

Be it Dad, Daddy, Pops, or Pa, dads are more than just a fatherly figure in the household. They also take on multiple roles on a daily basis. Some days they are our handyman and will fix anything broken in the home. On other days they transform into a beloved hero and save us from those villainous tight jar lids!

We love them, and proudly shower them with all our love (and maybe a lot more) during Father’s Day. However, this year’s itinerary may look a little different to years passed. While most entertainment establishments are still closed from normal operation (and your favourite go-to restaurants not allowing dine-in options), you may be wondering how else to celebrate on Dad’s special day. Fret not, for we have a guide of 8 stay home activities that will increase bonding time with Dad and make this year’s celebration just as fun and joyful as the previous years!

1. Cook a Local Dish


It doesn’t matter if your dad is a food enthusiast or picky eater - cooking food for your loved ones - especially if it’s something that they really love - is one of the most effective ways to express your love. This year, do it with a twist! Grab your dad for a grocery run and pick out the ingredients to recreate local dishes. Whether you’re attempting to make a savoury dish like Chicken Rendang or something sweet like Tau Suan, prepare them in a  Thermos® Shuttle Chef® and whip up a scrumptious meal together. It will be one hearty meal to enjoy as a family.

2. Attend an online Mixed Martial Arts Class


If the wide range of online High Intensity Interval Training better known as HIIT classes is not motivational enough, take your fitness routine up a notch and try Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with your dad! Dress up in matching workout outfits and sweat it out to Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or boxing workouts that you can search for on Youtube! This could be the start of discovering your shared interest in MMA, or simply working out together!

3. Fly Dad to Mars


Give your dad an amazing out of this world experience and let him explore Mars while in the comfort of his own home! NASA, in collaboration with Google, has produced a free, immersive experience that allows you to follow Curiosity rover’s path. Here’s your chance to wander the red desert with your dad and see who’s the first to catch anything unusual during your exploration! 

P.S. Does your dad have an eye for art instead? Travel the world, virtually of course, and explore some of the popular museums without the crowd. And best of all, the tours are free!

4. Start on a Lego Project


We already know dads have the superpower to fix what’s broken or to build something from scratch, so why not learn how you can acquire this ability by starting an intricate lego project together? Make it more challenging by doing away with the instructions to see how you both fare! It can be on a teamwork-basis or a competitive one to keep your old man on his toes.

5. Start a New Hobby


It’s never too late to start a new hobby that both you and your dad enjoy! Stay away from classic hobbies such as exercising or watching soccer together and try something new instead. Learn modern calligraphy or both try your hands at herb planting, all to form new memories that will be a good story to share for years to come while acquiring new skills at the same time.!

6. Create your own Cocktail


Cocktails often only require five ingredients or less per drink, which gives you the freedom to create different variations with the same five ingredients! In a Tumbler Cup, craft the perfect cocktail with flavours that both you and your dad enjoy, and spend the evening sipping on the refreshing drink while rewatching his favourite movie or TV series.

Pro Tip #1: If your dad is an avid fan of beer instead, get crafty and try out these 7 Easy Beer Cocktails under 10 Mins!

Pro Tip #2: Don’t fancy alcohol? Try creating Mocktails instead!

7. Spa Time


There is no shame in wanting to pamper your dad during Father’s Day! Transform your home into a mini beauty parlour and create your own face masks or a refreshing foot soak solution for you and your dad to enjoy together! Top this experience off with a glass of champagne and pastries for a one-of-a-kind homemade luxury experience. 

8. Reminisce the Old


Remember your first game of snakes and ladders or UNO with your dad, and learning the tricks and techniques of playing Mahjong and Carrom board when you grew a little older? Grab those old school games and reminisce about the past as you play. You might even pick up a new trick or two from dad!

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