From busy parents looking for hassle-free ways to feed the whole family to time-starved young professionals tired of eating unhealthy takeaways, Thermos® Shuttle Chef® is the perfect kitchen helper for those who’d like to rustle up healthy homecooked meals while saving time and energy.

Simply bring the ingredients to a boil and leave the thermal cooker to do the rest – it will even keep the food hot for hours without over-cooking! True to its name, the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® also boasts a wide culinary repertoire, including soups, one-pot meals, steamed rice, and even desserts and drinks.

Choosing Your Thermos® Shuttle Chef®

Whether you’re meal prepping for yourself, serving dinner to your family after work, or feeding a group of friends, find out which Thermos® Shuttle Chef® best suits your needs.

For Single Adults and Babies
Meal size: 1-2 adult servings

Recommended capacity: 1.5L or 1.8L
Recommended models: RPF-20 (portable), TCRA-1800 (portable)  

1800 thermos shuttle chef5
Pictured: TCRA-1800 Shuttle Chef®

Ideal for:

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For Young Couples and Small Families
Meal size: 3-5 adult servings

Recommended capacity: 3.0L
Recommended models: TCRA-3000 (portable), KBG-3000, RPE-3000 (portable)

3000 shuttle chef
Pictured: RPE-3000 Shuttle Chef®

Ideal for:

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For Large Families or Get-Togethers
Meal size: 4-8 adult servings

Recommended capacity: 4.5L
Recommended models: TCRA-4500 (portable), KBG-4500, KBF-4501

4500 shuttle chef
Pictured: TCRA-4500 Shuttle Chef®

Ideal for:

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For Big Parties or Small Families Wanting Variety
Meal size: 2 dishes for 3-5 adults or 1 dish for 12-20 adults

Recommended capacity: 6.0L
Recommended model: TCRA-6000 (portable)
Recommended accessory: KOB-6000I (6.0L inner pot)


6000 shuttle chef

 Pictured: TCRA-6000 Shuttle Chef®

Duo 3.0L inner pots are ideal for:

  • A complete meal with a braised dish and steamed rice for 3 to 5
  • A healthy lunch with a one-pot dish and boiled greens for 3 to 5
  • A light dinner with a steamed dish and soup for 3 to 5

6.0L inner pot is ideal for:

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Caring for Your Thermos® Shuttle Chef®

What is the proper way to clean my Shuttle Chef®? 
Inner pots can be washed like regular pots and pans with dish soap or in a dishwasher. Outer pots should only be cleaned with a damp cloth after each use and allow it to air-dry overnight with the lid open, to get rid of any food odours.

What should I do when my Shuttle Chef® inner pot has a rainbow-like discolouration?
Fret not, the discolouration is non-toxic and can be easily removed by soaking or rinsing the pot with white vinegar. It is a common and natural occurrence when stainless steel is exposed to high temperatures. Maintain your inner pots at its best by cooking with medium to low heat to prevent heat damages.

I need a replacement for my inner pot - where can I purchase it?
Currently only the RPC-3000 inner pot and TCRA-4500 inner pot are available for purchase. For other enquiries, please reach out to the team through our contact form.

Where can I find more recipe ideas for my Shuttle Chef®?
Explore our recipe collection here, where new dishes will be updated regularly. 
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Partial guide and tips courtesy of Sheryl Ariel Boh from fb.com/musingsatweivilla and founder of ‘Cooking with Thermos’ Facebook group, with permission.
This article is updated with more information from the Thermos Singapore team.

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