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Fun Times: Things to do with Your Friends

From soaking up the sun at the beach to a lovely picnic in the gardens, there is much to do in Singapore without having to travel too far out. While you’re at it, don’t forget to bring along your Thermos® Tumbler, its vacuum insulation properties made to keep your beverages hot or cold for prolonged hours on-the-go.

The Secret Beach of Lazarus Island

Sentosa is often crowded and we’ve been to the island Pulau Ubin one too many times. For an alternative beach experience, there is a lesser-known island south of Singapore with fewer visitors and comes with a much more enticing beach – Lazarus Island. Take a ferry from Marina South Pier, disembark at St John’s island, and walk a short distance to a connecting causeway, where you will find Lazarus Island on the other end. Stroll along the pristine beach and find a perfect spot to sunbathe and swim in the sea as you enjoy quality time with your friends. Bring along your favourite ice-cold beverage (Thermos® tumblers can keep your drink cold for at least six hours) and snacks! 

Ghost and Other Legends

Many remember Haw Par Villa for its 10 Courts of Hell, but this amazing and historical theme park is more than that. From the depictions of legendary Chinese tales like Journey to the West to Madam White Snake, Haw Par Villa has more than 1,000 statues and tableaux worth exploring. The park has recently implemented a three-hour tour every Friday, so why not spend an afternoon there with a refreshing drink in tow as you explore? 

Music in the Gardens

Boasting more than 150 years of history, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, covers an area of 82-hectares, and is home to a myriad of flora. Not only are there a number of free tours held every weekend, you can also easily find a spot in the gardens for a picnic and enjoy a slow afternoon. In addition, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra also holds concerts regularly in the park, making it a great opportunity to gather for an afternoon of music and fun.

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