Give Yourself a Much Needed Vitamin D Boost With These 6 Recipes

Less time outdoors can mean a lack of exposure to sunlight. This can deprive your body of much-needed vitamin D. As vitamin D helps regulate the amount of phosphate and calcium in the body needed to keep bones, muscles, and teeth healthy, we must ensure we get enough of it.

However, even without enough exposure to sunlight, there are a host of alternatives, such as intake of certain foods and supplements, to ensure your blood has adequate levels of vitamin D. Take a look at our recipes below that will give your vitamin D levels a boost!

1. Almond and banana pancakes


If you want to start your day with a healthy dose of vitamin D, you can pick the almond and banana pancake recipe. Stack it high and customise it how you like with a range of delicious toppings after making the simple recipe, found here.

2. Salmon and turnip milk stew


Salmon is rich in vitamin D, which you can get from this salmon and turnip milk stew dish. This recipe uses a 0.5L Thermos® Food Jar whereby the quantity of ingredients can be adjusted based on the capacity of the container, making it suitable for families of all sizes. Learn the recipe here.

3. Easy roast beef


This roast beef recipe will cook your cut to perfection in the Thermos® Shuttle Chef®. Enjoy this dish with vegetables, potatoes, or as the meat in your sandwich. Tip: cut the cooked beef after the meat has cooled to keep the moisture in. Discover the method for cooking the perfect beef cut here.

4. Absolute best liver and onion


Liver is rich in vitamin D and this recipe will actually turn liver haters into converts. However, there is a certain special technique to mastering this food. You need to soak the liver in milk, turn it as little as possible, and avoid overcooking it. Find out how to get it right here.

5. Eggs


Love eggs? Well for all those egg-lovers out there, good news, the egg yolks are rich in vitamin D! Not only this, but eggs are also high in protein. From salmon cakes to casseroles, if you are looking for inspiring ways to eat egg, try these gluten-free and rich in vitamin D recipes here.

6. Watermelon shrimp salad

Photo Credit: tasteofhome.com 

You can also go for the healthy, refreshing salad option that is packed with vitamin D. The great thing about this Watermelon Shrimp Salad is that it is not only refreshing and light but very filling too. Perfect as a light lunch stored in the Thermos® Food Jar during the working week, check out this sweet, spicy, and easy-to-make recipe for watermelon shrimp salad recipe here.

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