Healthy Alternatives to 7 Classic CNY Dishes

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get excited about big meals with the family! Take this opportunity to start 2022 with some healthy alternatives to the classic dishes by trying these seven healthy twists.

1. Steamed Fish
Steamed Fish
Photo Credit: The Woks of Life

Fish is such a popular CNY dish that it is often the centrepiece of the table. But rather than fry the fish of your choice in fatty oils, why not steam it instead? It retains the same amount of flavour and nutrients but is much healthier! Get the steamed fish recipe here.

2. Lion’s Head Pork Meatballs
Lions Head Pork Meatballs

This classic CNY dish is not only easy to prepare by using the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® but all the healthy nutrients will be captured, making for a delicious, nutritious and simple meal for all the family during this year’s celebrations. Make this a fun activity for the kids by having them help shape the meatballs! Check out the recipe here.

3. Longevity Noodles for CNY
Longevity Noodles for CNY
Photo Credit: Hip Foodie Mom

Symbolise the wish for longevity with this homemade noodles dish that can be made even healthier! To make this light dish even more guilt-free, swap out the soy sauce for a low sodium soya sauce instead. When it comes to the noodles, go for brown or wheat noodles, or even swap out the gluten wheat noodles for a lighter rice noodles option. Get the recipe here.

4. Dumplings
Dumplings 1
Photo Credit: Rasa Malaysia

Everyone loves dumplings, especially over the Chinese New Year period. And there’s a simple yet effective way to make your dumplings recipe healthier but just as delicious - don’t fry your dumplings, but steam them instead! Like we said, simple but effective without affecting the deliciousness. Get the recipe here.

5. White Cut Chicken
White Cut Chicken
Photo Credit: Food Network

White cut chicken can also be a centrepiece dish for CNY, but it doesn’t need to be cooked unhealthily. Firstly, when making this dish, swap out the soy sauce for a scallion-ginger sauce, which is just as tasty but healthier. Secondly, cook the dish in the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® to preserve the healthy nutrients in this well-known meal.

6. Homemade Broth
Homemade Broth Source

The problem with buying a broth is that you can never be sure what’s in it, and if you do know what’s in the broth you buy, it will probably include some unhealthy elements that aren’t necessary. This homemade chicken and pork broth recipe allows you to control exactly what is included and also cook it in the easiest way possible, making it perfect for using as a steamboat soup base too! Using the Thermos® Shuttle Chef®, learn how to make the broth here.

7. Chinese Walnut Cookies
Chinese Walnut Cookies
Photo Credit: Healthy GF Asian

Make the ultimate healthy CNY snack. This Chinese Walnut recipe is dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free and refined sugar-free, so it doesn’t get any healthier than that! Prepare these tasty treats and offer them to guests when they arrive for CNY celebrations knowing that they will enjoy this snack in the healthiest way possible. Got leftover cookies? Keep them in the Thermos® Food Jar. Get the recipe here.

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