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Early Childhood Educator and Pre-school Centre Principal, Sheryl Ariel Boh does more than just cooking and baking on her free time, she also manages a Facebook group called ‘Cooking with Thermos’, which has gathered over 4,000 cooking enthusiasts. We catch up with Sheryl about her thoughts on cooking and her inspirations behind the recipes she creates.

Why did you create the ‘Cooking with Thermos’ Facebook group?
‘Cooking with Thermos’ was birthed from the idea of gathering like-minded people and to build a community of home cooks no matter what season they are in; it does not matter if they are working professionals or not, or whether they are married or single. If they desire simple home-cooked food done efficiently, they are welcome to join.

Many families and young adults have the misconception that cooking takes up a lot of time and is very labour intensive, hence they tend to eat out often. Being a working wife myself, I recognise the challenge of cooking dinner after a hard day’s work. Therefore Thermos® Shuttle Chef® came to me as a life saver.

What makes home-cooked food so special?
Home-cooked food has a very special ingredient – love. And of course, the quality and freshness of the ingredients and hygiene of the kitchen are crucial factors to why people choose to have food cooked at home. 

Sheryl’s breakfast on-the-go: oat porridge with fresh berries, chia seeds and rice crunchies.

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A healthy home-cooked one pot meal with red snapper, shimeji mushrooms and a variety of vegetables.

Where do you get your recipe inspirations/ideas from?
My paternal grandmother is a very good cook and she used to own a food stall in a hawker centre. I grew up under her wings and picked up some tips and tricks along the way. In my own free time, I enjoy researching and trying out new recipes. My husband is my inspiration because I learn to cook whatever he likes to eat.

Sheryl and her husband, together with the harvest of their hard work at a cooking workshop.

What is your proudest recipe?
It is the Seafood in the Bag. Many have tried the recipe I shared and claimed that it tasted exactly like the one they had in restaurants.

What should one look out for when getting a thermal cooker?
The heat retention in a thermal cooker is of paramount importance as it determines the results of the end product. Look out for thermal cookers that are vacuum insulated and have a thick inner pot.

What are some of the benefits of the Thermos® Shuttle Chef®?
Thermos® Shuttle Chef® has excellent heat retention. My food does not just come out cooked – it is tasty and piping hot.

Double-boiling in the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® saves energy, time and effort!

Is there any dish one can cook with a Thermos® Shuttle Chef® that people often wouldn’t think of?
Many people have the misconception that the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® is used only for soups and stews. Thermos® Shuttle Chef® also allows me to steam food like a regular electric steamer!

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Interested to learn about the recipes you can prepare with Shuttle Chef®? Check out Sheryl’s photo album of Thermos® Shuttle Chef® recipes over here.

What are some of the Thermos® products you use, and how often do you use them?
I own a few Thermos® Shuttle Chef® thermal cookers of different sizes, Thermos® Food Jar in various designs and colours, and a number of Thermos® tumblers of varying designs and sizes (e.g. Thermos® Peranakan Flowers One-Push, and Thermos® Ultra-Light One-Push tumblers).

I use Shuttle Chef® and Thermos® Food Jar interchangeably depending on what I am preparing for the day. For example, I use the Shuttle Chef® to steam mantou (chinese buns) or sweet potato; and Food Jar to prepare oats or congee. My husband and I use our Thermos® Mug with Handle and Tumblers daily. We have the mug in our bedroom and use the tumblers in our offices. I bring along my Thermos® Disney’s Junior Minnie Mouse Ultra-Light Tumbler when I am on-the-go.

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A light meal of pasta, edamame, and home-made Yong Tau Foo soup cooked in Thermos® Food Jars. Find out how to prepare this Yong Tau Foo soup and Penne pasta with just boiling water and Food Jars.

A simple recipe for a sweet and refreshing blend of Ice Lemon Milk Tea served in a Thermos® One-Push Tumbler.

Steaming some Japanese sweet potatoes in a Thermos® Shuttle Chef®.

How are Thermos® products relevant to your lifestyle?
Thermos® products fit nicely into my fast-paced and “I-want-to-serve-my family-home-cooked-food” kind of lifestyle. It is convenient for me to prepare my meals right before I head out for work, or to serve dinner within the hour I reach home. It saves me time, energy and money.


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