With the new colours launch of the JNR-series One-Push Tumblers, Thermos® Singapore and Deer and Den Design collaborate once again with a third series of the lid stickers!

Sticker Overview

The third series of ‘My Local Design’ stickers feature iconic local motifs including the lion with red body and black mane and our national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Hear from the Deer and Den Design team - Jimmy Chen, Chermaine Aw Yong, and Loh Yew Cheng - on the new designs, the challenges they faced, what inspired them, and much more!

1. What were your thoughts of the JNR-series’ third instalment in collaboration with Thermos® Singapore?

Jimmy Chen (JC): It’s an honour once again to have this collaboration. The heart of this collaboration is the synergy that the Thermos® Singapore and Deer and Den Design have in further promoting the local scene and bringing forth Singapore’s community spirit.

Chermaine Aw Yong (CAY): It is a definite joy to be part of this collaboration. I had the privilege to meet customers who expressed delight when they saw that the JNR-series came with a set of locally themed stickers. One customer’s comment that stuck with me was: “I am sending this Tumbler as a piece of Singapore to my friend who lives overseas”. This was such an encouragement!

Yew Cheng (YC): I am very happy we are chosen to illustrate for Thermos® Singapore again! It’s challenging how we need to have ideas that are unique and within a small working space, but I think we managed to make it happen.

2. Which sticker did each of you design, and where did each of you draw your inspiration?

JC: I designed the WFH sticker, drawing inspiration from the circuit breaker measures due to the pandemic.

Jimmy’s sketches for his sticker design

Jimmy’s final sticker design, #WFH (Work From Home)

CAY: I designed Baby Vanda, a character birthed out of my love for plants and Singapore. As I pondered what represented Singapore, I remembered a moment from my childhood when I drew the Vanda Miss Joaquim for a National Day-themed art project and got an A+. The 8-year-old me held on to that drawing proudly. This memory has evolved into Baby Vanda. The representation of Singapore as a young, vibrant nation blooming into a diverse, elegant first world country.

Chermaine’s sketches for her sticker design

Chermaine’s final sticker design, Baby Vanda

YC: ‘Lion Spotted!’ is the design that I illustrated. My inspiration came from our country, also known as the ‘Lion City’.

Yew Cheng’s sketches for his sticker design

Yew Cheng’s final sticker design, Lion Spotted!

3. Was it easy or difficult to design the ‘My Local Design’ Series 3 lid stickers? Tell us more about the process, from brainstorming to creation.

JC: The pandemic has changed normalcy. Working from home has transformed how workplaces function - a new normal where every Singaporean can relate. As I processed these thoughts, I wanted to create a sticker that Singaporeans can connect with. One thing that made my wife feel better while working at home was having pets around. Being badgered by children and without any colleagues, she took moments of “therapy” through the pets. Taking reference from that scene, I created the #WFH design and featured our pet dog.

CAY: Illustrating is easier when the subject is something you have a passion for. There is a saying, ‘Do what you love and it will never feel like work.’. I believe I have found my love. The process of creating Baby Vanda was through lots of staring at orchids, real ones and photos, plus lots of coffee. I wanted a flowy, dainty feel to the illustration. It is quite hard to achieve with solid shapes and colours. Overall, I think the pastel colour played an important role in bringing forth Baby Vanda’s dainty character.

YC: It was kind of challenging as there are many great illustrators I know who created Singapore-themed works. It’s not easy to create something that stands out from the rest.

Lion Spotted! – I first began by thinking of various themes, items and places that symbolise Singapore. Perhaps not many people know? The lion which Sang Nila Utama saw was an animal with a red body and a black mane. I found this sight interesting and decided to present this on the sticker. 

4. Could you give some tips for our readers on how to create their own designs on the ‘Design Your Own’ sticker, and share your creations?

JC: Just draw and do not hesitate. Once you start overthinking, you will face a block. Do not be afraid to express yourself.

Jimmy showing his creative process, from outline to colouring.

Jimmy’s ‘Design Your Own’ sticker design, Geo Colours

CAY: Using permanent markers with a smaller pen tip will help to control the line weight. Just doodle to your heart’s content! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because the beautiful thing with art is, there’s no right or wrong. All that matters is that your creation sparks joy to you! 

Chermaine takes a layering approach to her creative process.

7 V2
Chermaine’s ‘Design Your Own’ sticker design: Watercolour Flowers

YC: As we are working on the small space of a sticker, try to keep your design as simple and as unique as you can. You might want to consider brighter colours so that it differentiates your Tumbler from the rest!

Yew Cheng went for the playful option with this thirsty dinosaur!

5. What are Deer and Den Design’s current or upcoming exciting projects we can look forward to?

JC: This year, I will be turning my focus to a more hands-on project instead of doing design work. A new adventure awaits as I spearhead our team of local crafters at Woodinden in coming up with more wood products proudly made in Singapore. I have also embarked on a joint venture with friends called “The Sharing Plate” at Great World where we retail a curated range of lifestyle products. I am happy to share that you can find this series of JNR One-Push Tumblers there.

CAY: I hope to expand on Baby Vanda’s character. I am in the process of illustrating more versions of Baby Vanda and hope to share them with Singapore soon. If Baby Vanda becomes a success, we will all remember that she first appeared on the JNR-series One-Push Tumblers. Wish me luck!

YC: Recently, our illustrations could be spotted on some local snack products in stores such as Crusty’s Singapore’s Fortune Crabstick Crisp packaging, which we are very happy to see! I hope our current and future creations will be widely recognised.

The ‘My Local Design’ Series 3 lid stickers with iconic local motifs designed by the Deer and Den Design team will be included exclusively with every purchase of a JNR-series One-Push Tumbler in Singapore from March 2022 onwards.

About Deer and Den Design
A humble creative house that takes one from branding, design to production. Deer and Den Design is a design den full of "i-deers", creativity, aspiration and oolong tea. Having an outlet to bring imagination to life is fundamental to the creative house's passion for the arts. Thus, Fawn Products was born as a channel to express the team's artistry in illustrating fun loving characters and crafting them into whimsical vinyl stickers.
For more information, visit www.fawnproducts.com and stay connected at www.facebook.com/fawnproducts and www.instagram.com/fawnproducts.

About The Sharing Plate
Sharing all good things, joy is doubled when it is shared. Founded by 2 husband & wife teams behind The Green Capsule & Deer and Den Design (Fawn Products) and with the ethos of sharing good design, The Sharing Plate aims to bring a range of highly curated lifestyle products that adds joy to everyday life.
For more information, visit www.thesharingplatestore.com and stay connected at www.instagram.com/thesharingplatesg.

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