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In collaboration with Band of Doodlers (BOD), Thermos Singapore teamed up with 3 artists to create 3 distinctive designs to show our support for the ‘Go Green’ movement.

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Each artist was chosen to conceptualise their design on a product: Paula Pang for the JBQ-401S ‘Go Green’ Join In The Movement Food Jar (left), Shana Kamaldin for the JNL-500S ‘Go Green’ Blossom With Birds One-Push Tumbler (middle), and Audrey Le for the JDE-600S ‘Go Green’ Protect The Sea Tumbler Cup with Lid (right).

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The products also came with unique QR code that will direct consumers to the product FAQs - reducing the need to print physical product sheets, and recycled craft paper was used for the packaging to replace the poly-plastic bag. We spoke to the artists about their creative process, inspiration, and their take on living sustainability.

  1. Being a creative individual in Singapore is no run-of-the-mill job. How did you get into a role such as this, and what attracted you to it in the first place? 

Blog Image 7 Pang Drawing
Paula Pang’s work-in-progress

Paula Pang: I was educated in media design before starting my career in a local animation studio as an Assistant Producer. Back then, I didn’t know what to do and where I’m heading, but I do know that I’m not a good communicator with words. Therefore, I became drawn to images that communicate with me. I am so fascinated by the fact that visuals can communicate so much more than words.

Audrey Le: My creative journey only started recently when my friend invited me to join Band of Doodlers (BOD) where I had the opportunity to take part in creative programmes.

Shana Kamaldin: I have always loved drawing, but it was only in my final year of University when someone noticed my work and asked if I could design her wedding invitations. From then on, I realised that doing art was a possibility, and I began taking art more seriously. 

  1. What inspires your work?

Blog Image 8 Le Drawing
Audrey Le, art enthusiast  

Paula: Personal experiences and things that I like, such as animals and plants. 

Audrey: My work is inspired by nature as I am always surrounded by plants and flowers at home. 

Shana: A lot of my inspiration comes from nature. I have been told that I am quite a meticulous person, and I love to replicate tiny details of textures and colours in my art. 

  1. We love all three designs. From the ideation stage through to the execution stage, how did you come up with these designs and translate them onto these products? 

Blog Image 1 Artist FJ

Paula: I would usually ask myself what it is that I’d like to show. From the start, I wanted my artwork to be playful and vibrant because when I heard ‘go green’, I thought of the usual green earthy colours. I wanted to move away from drawing trees and plants because Ii think it can be quite boring. I also thought about the wildlife in Singapore because we’re always talking about the plants and our environment, but not the wildlife. Therefore, I believe that incorporating them into this collaboratione campaign would be a good idea.

Blog Image 3 Artist TumblerCup

Audrey: I came up with my design from watching a lot of nature documentaries where I learnt about many different marine species and our impact on marine conservation.

Blog Image 2 Artist One Push

Shana: I designed this tumbler in the hope that when people use it, they would be more aware and appreciative of the different, common bird species in Singapore. 

  1. Were there any challenges or memorable moments? If so, can you share them with us? 

Paula: Researching the animals in Singapore! There are two species of mouse deer in Singapore: the greater mouse deer and the lesser mouse deer. I found out that the lesser mouse deer is an endangered mammal. 

Audrey: The challenge I faced was picking the right choice of colours used for the project to match the tumbler cup.

Shana: Being a perfectionist, I try to maintain as many details as I can in my artwork, so it was difficult to simplify the birds I drew to only include the most important strokes. But with that said, I like how the final artwork turned out and can’t imagine having it any other way. 

Blog Image 9 Shana Drawing
Shana Kamaldin, illustrator

  1. Do you have a favourite piece among the three? Don’t be shy! (If yes, why?)

Paula: Shanna’s design. I think she did really well with the simplicity of the design. It gave the product a touch of elegance. 

Audrey: My favourite piece is Paula’s because it includes many endangered species. Her choice of colours is also bright & cheerful. 

Shana: I love the concept behind Paula’s piece! I love how she used primary-ish colours to make the animals come to life. I also liked the concept of having the animals march around the food jar as you’ll see a new animal from different sides. 

  1. Band of Doodlers (BOD) has had experience working with several acclaimed brands. How do you feel about the collaboration this time with Thermos Singapore for their Singapore Exclusive Local Design ’Go Green’ Collection 2020?

Paula: I feel thankful for this collaboration. This project allows my artwork to be a vehicle to make an impact.

Audrey: When I was chosen for the project, I was very excited to share my artwork & make an impact on marine conservation.

Shana: I remember being super excited when I saw the project brief and even more thrilled when I was selected! I’m honestly very honoured to have had this opportunity and thrilled to have the chance to design my own as well as have others use it.

  1. Talking about going green, what are your views on living sustainably? How do you practice sustainability in your day-to-day life?

Paula: It's a collective effort, but starts with awareness around our daily lifestyle. 

Audrey: Living sustainably is about your actions as an individual on a day-to-day basis. I try to reduce the use of plastics and my carbon footprint, like bringing my shopping bags and containers to cut down on plastic. 

Shana: I think everyone can be more sustainable simply by taking small steps to alter their everyday life. For instance, I’ve been using reusable products  every other day for the past few years and though it is heavy to carry around, I love it because it lets me cut down on my plastic consumption.

  1. Could you give us your tip, or suggestion on how we can be a change-maker when it comes to protecting nature?

Paula: You can’t change anyone, but you can live life consciously with the values you choose and inspire change in others.

Audrey: My focus is on education within our circle of family and friends, and to make them aware of the human impact on our environment.

Shana: I think, by and large, people lead with example. For instance, when I see my friends and colleagues trying to cut back on their waste by using reusable containers when they order food instead of just dabao-ing in the normal styrofoam or plastic boxes, a part of me would feel like doing it too. Sure, it’s more troublesome in that you have to wash your container and use your utensils, but in the long run, I think they are small actions such as these which will add up and make a significant impact in protecting our environment.

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Find out more about the Thermos® Singapore Exclusive Local Design ‘Go Green’ Series 2020 here! In support of WWF-Singapore and Earth Hour, Thermos Singapore will donate $2 to support WWF-Singapore’s conservation initiatives, for every purchase of a ‘Go Green’ series product. 

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