We recently launched our new limited edition Singapore Exclusive Local Design 2017 series (Thermos® “Marina Skyline” JNL-400S One-Push Tumbler and “My Favourite Singapore Treats” JBQ-400S Food Jar) were specially designed and hand-drawn by  Jonathan Cai and Grace Ong, student artists, Artist Development Programme of Pathlight School. Find out more on the collaboration with The Art Faculty here.

Today, more local talents are stepping up to showcase their works on national and international platforms. Here are four local design brands that are doing just that:

1. Red Republic


Image credit: Red Republic

From Hainanese Chicken Rice plates, Mama Shop key chains to Dragon Playground doorstops, Red Republic is the epitome of “locally-inspired”. These quirky knick-knacks evoke a sense of nostalgia, while showcasing Singapore culture and lifestyle through their designs. With a touch of local flavour, Singaporeans and tourists who are seeking localised designs and products will not be disappointed by memorabilia produced by this company.

2. Hide


Image credit: Hide

Hide is a local leather crafting company owned by leather craftsman, Roy Chan. The self-taught crafter makes everything from scratch with materials sourced from countries like Hong Kong, Japan, and France. If you’re looking for a bespoke wallet, cardholder, or any other small leather products that are crafted locally, Hide may be the choice for you. Read more here.

3. TinySupply


Image credit: TinySupply

As its name suggests, TinySupply creates quirky little handmade accessories such as brooches and pins to give your everyday clothing a unique character. Using clay as their main choice of material, designers Celine and her sister Carolyn make these cute little creations for those who think beauty is in the details. What’s more, you can also make custom orders simply by sharing your ideas with the sisters!  

Find more of these incredibly cute and tiny crafts on their Instagram page.

4. Wood&Lead


Image credit: Wood&Lead

If you love illustrations, then you’ll have to check out Wood&Lead. Created by Alexa Ong, whose illustrations tell a story in a space between dream and reality, Wood&Lead was first showcased in Tokyo Art Book Fair, Japan, in 2013. Currently her designs are available at local design retailer, Naiise and online shopping platform, Etsy.   

For the latest illustrations, follow Wood&Lead on Instagram.

5. The Little Dröm Store


Image credit: The Little Dröm Store

On the other hand, if you like local crafts including plates, mugs, floor mats and other items for the home, then The Little Dröm Store is worth checking out. Founded in 2010 by Stanley Tan and Antoinette Wong, the store sells items are inspired by local culture and their signature line follows the theme of ‘Strangely Singaporean & Proud Of It’.

Want to see more of their wares? Check out their Instagram.

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