Tired of the Same Old Workouts? Here Are 7 Alternatives to Try

The best thing about fitness these days is that you’re not limited to just going to the gym and lifting those weights.

In fact, you now have a wide variety of alternative workouts to choose from, whether you like to dance or want to get the heat on. Here are our top 7 picks for alternative workout sessions.

1. Puppy yoga

Photo Credit: Puppy Yoga Singapore Facebook

Love yoga and got pets at home? Why not do puppy yoga with your furry friend? This form of workout is a huge hit among pet lovers because it offers a relaxing way to stretch your body, burn some calories and relax your mind, all while bonding with your dog. Isn’t that a fun idea? Of course it is! Book a slot here

2. Infrared yoga

Photo Credit: Jalyoga.com.sg

If hot yoga is not such a comfortable experience for you, then infrared yoga might be exactly what you’re looking for. It uses infrared panels that feel like the rays of the sun, allowing for a more controlled heat environment while performing your asanas. Infrared yoga offers a wide range of benefits, including smoother skin, increased flexibility, cellulite reduction and improved circulation, among others! Book this unique experience here.

3. Barre class


Combining the techniques of yoga, ballet and Pilates, barre is becoming a popular workout choice. In barre, you’re not just lifting weights at the gym, but building muscle by having fun using small, controlled movements in repetitive exercises with the goal of encouraging the perfect “dancer’s body” that combines proper posture and physique. Learn more about barre here!

4. Surfboard fitness

Photo Credit: Surfset Singapore Facebook

Surfing is a popular sport as well as an amazing way to get fit. But even if you can’t get in the water to hit the waves, you can still enjoy the many workout benefits surfing provides.

The SURFSET workout is a 45-minute routine where you get on a board and perform different exercises as though surfing in the water. Don’t forget to look extra cool by taking along your Thermos® One-Push Tumbler. Book a class here! 

5. Trampolining

Photo Credit: Amped Singapore Facebook

Did you know that a 10-minute jump on a trampoline is the same as a 30-minute run? This is why trampolining is now widely recognised as a great workout! You not only burn those calories, but you can also get your family in on the fun. Remember to stay hydrated, so don’t forget your Thermos® Sports Bottle. Get bouncing here!

6. Aqua spin

Photo Credit: Aqua Spin Singapore Facebook

If you’re just beginning to get into working out, just gave birth, or are recovering from an injury, this low impact session is the perfect way for you to get moving. Aqua spin is composed of 45-minute full body workouts that include endurance, HIIT and even yoga and meditation, all done in the water. Book your session here.

7. Workout with light sabers

Photo Credit: Saber.fit

Finally, if you want to work out like a real jedi, get fit with a lightsaber!

Star Wars-inspired SaberFit combines saber striking methods with regular exercises to create an adrenaline-pumping high energy group fitness session that you’ll surely enjoy. Become a Jedi here and experience the galaxy’s most exciting fitness workouts with family and friends. And don’t forget to bring your Thermos® Lucasfilm Star Wars One-Push Tumbler to stay hydrated.

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