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Top Destinations to Take Your Dad for a Celebration

Gearing up for a special, no holds barred gift for Dad? How about doing something different this year by treating your dad to a holiday in one of these destinations (it’s the perfect Father’s Day gift):

1. Kyoto, Japan (Asia)

Kyoto is the historical capital of Japan. So, if your dad loves history, he’ll surely learn a lot from visiting this beautiful city. You can also stop by neighbouring Osaka to check out more tourist spots in Japan.

2. Laos (Asia)

Laos is an adventurer’s dream destination because of its many natural wonders. Here, you can visit several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, explore different caves and parks, and even go on hot air balloon rides. Don’t forget to bring along the Thermos® One-Push Tumblers to keep Dad and yourself hydrated!

3. Nepal (Asia)

Your dad doesn’t need to be a mountaineer to appreciate Nepal because there’s more to this country than just Mount Everest. Of course, you can’t miss seeing the world’s highest peak, but you can also enjoy different activities with the most stunning views.

4. New Zealand (Oceania)

Whether your dad is a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings or he just loves the outdoors, he’ll surely have a grand time in New Zealand, which offers some of the best natural wonders in the world. Don’t forget to pack the Thermos® Sports Bottles on the trip to stay hydrated.

5. New Caledonia (Oceania)

New Caledonia is one of Oceania’s best kept treasures, where you’ll also see the largest lagoon in the world. This beautiful archipelago offers a rich culture, stunning landscapes and different activities that your dad will surely enjoy. Thrillseekers will love skydiving in Poé on the West Coast, while the Amédée Lighthouse in Nouméa is one of the best places to unwind after an exhilarating day of adventure.

6. Fiji (Oceania)

Fiji is a dream holiday destination for anyone who loves the beach. Dubbed the “soft coral capital of the world,” Fiji offers stunning beaches and beautiful diving spots that your dad will surely enjoy if he loves being underwater. Of course, you’ll be fully fed during your holiday on the island since it’s known for its epic seafood and warm people.

7. Berlin, Germany (Europe)

Berlin is a must-visit city if your dad loves European history and a good glass of cold beer. Known for being the centre of Germany’s history and the home of the famous Berlin Wall and Holocaust Memorial, visiting Berlin is like taking a trip down memory lane into Europe’s past. The city is also known as Europe’s party capital, so Dad and you should enjoy a frosty lager, some authentic German food, and some partying while on holiday.

8. Budapest (Europe)

Another must visit city in Europe is Budapest in Hungary. Known as the “star of the Danube,” the country’s capital for its stunning architectural buildings, lavish spas, beautiful caves and delicious dishes that your dad will surely love. Fun fact: the city is divided into Buda and Pest by the river Danube, and you won’t have a shortage of activities to enjoy on either side of the river. Head up to the Buda Hills and ride the Children’s Railway, or admire St Stephen’s Basilica – the tallest church in the city!

9. Porto (Europe)

Rounding up this list is Porto, a city in Portugal that’s filled with beautiful architectural buildings, stunning streets and some of the best food and drinks in all of Europe. Your dad will have a grand time exploring the city’s cobblestone streets and seeing its beautiful buildings while enjoying some quintessential Porto snacks and drinks.

Treating your dad to a holiday as a Father’s Day gift is definitely something that he deserves. After all, he works hard every day to provide for your family and he probably sets aside his own wants just to make sure that you have a good life.

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