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Are you a fan of Disney and its wonderful characters? Let’s us match your personality and find out which Disney character shares the same traits as you!

A Charming Leader

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You are… Mickey!

Charismatic, mischievous, free-spirited and comical, these attributes have helped you get out of numerous sticky situations. Many would say that you are witty and a devoted friend, and is someone who would go to great length to ensure your partner’s happiness. As a natural leader, you are reliable and well-respected by your peers.

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A Hopeless Romantic


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You are… Minnie!

Incredibly romantic and sweet in nature, some may even say that you have a motherly personality, and that’s because you are constantly taking care of things and the people around you. You are dependable and take love and loyalty seriously. However, there are times when you are easily frustrated over certain situations.

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The Elegant and Graceful


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You are… Elsa!

Reserved, poised and fun-loving, you may be someone who is fiercely protective of your family. You have your fears, that’s for sure, but life has taught you to let them go, to embrace your strengths and weaknesses, and not to be too bothered by what others think of you.

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Friends Before Glory


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You are… Lightning McQueen!

Seen as a little guarded in front of those who don’t know you, and quick tempered at times, you always may recognise your mistakes, and probably not shy to admit and apologise, which is one of the most endearing parts about you. You are talented and confident, and usually place your family and friends before yourself.

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A Righteous Extrovert


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You are… Anna!

Probably not the most elegant person in the world, but what’s beautiful about you is your optimism and energy. You are willing to stand for what is right, which is an important quality in life. As an extrovert, you enjoy affection and companionship, and you are quick to make friends and has no problem trusting people.

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Full of Life and Spirit


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You are… Pooh!

Best known among your friends to be friendly, thoughtful, insightful, you are a team player. Your cheerful personality attracts many people, and you never fail to offer a helping hand to someone in need. Your life goal is to find happiness, which is why you are so full of life all the time.

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A Helpful Optimist

tow mater2

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You are… Tow Mater!

You may not always have everything you want, but you make the best of what you already have. You are always the first to help when your friends are in trouble, and see the bright side of most situations. You probably have a special skill that you are really good at, and proud to show this off to the world.

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