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Working from Home? Here Are 7 Tips to Make You More Productive

It’s been a year since the work from home journey has become the norm, and juggling work, family and home tasks can get overwhelming. Oftentimes, it’s your work that takes the biggest toll. However, there are ways to boost your productivity with some simple hacks! Read on for 7 simple tips to boost your WFH productivity.

1. Designate a proper workspace


By setting up a dedicated workspace, it can help with your focus and remove distractions. If you work on your sofa or in your bed, it’s easy to take a nap or get sluggish as these cosy surroundings are too tempting! By setting up a dedicated workspace similar to your office, you can ensure better productivity

If you don’t have a spare room to turn into a home office, invest in a proper table and set it up in the quietest part of your house where you can focus without any distractions. Equip it with your laptop, notebook, Thermos® Tumbler to stay hydrated and you’re good to go!

2. Dress the part

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You can’t motivate yourself to work if you’re just wearing pyjamas! When you dress the part, you start to feel that you’re in the office even if you’re not. This small hack works as a great way to start your day and can help you feel and stay productive.

3. Stick to your usual routine


Working from home can create a tendency to become more relaxed doing things like oversleeping, watching TV or just hanging out. To refrain from these less productive activities, stick to your routine of waking up, having your breakfast, getting ready and working at your usual hours even if you’re staying at home.

2. Create a schedule with the family

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It’s very important to set boundaries with your family to let them know that you’re not always accessible during work hours even if you’re at home. Some family members might mistake working from home as having extra spare time for additional requests, such as helping out with the household chores. 

If you don’t want a family member barging in on your Zoom call, share your daily schedule with the whole family so they know when not to disturb. 

Tip: draw up the schedule on a sheet of paper and place it on the fridge for everyone’s easy reference!

3. Plan your breaks


When working from home, it’s easy to let time slip away from you as you get engrossed with work, especially as you don’t have colleagues around to remind you to take a break. So, just like working in the office, plan your day to include breaks. It could be a few minutes to get coffee and a snack, grab some fresh air, or eat lunch. Treat yourself to your favourite beverage in the Thermos® Mug With Handle and be sure to enjoy time away from the screen.

4. Eat well 


Of course, you can’t forget about eating well to make sure that you have enough energy to have a productive day. A hearty lunch should include your protein of choice, some green, leafy vegetables for iron, whole grains and fruits for added nutrients. Also, working from home gives you the advantage to cook healthy meals using the Thermos® Shuttle Chef. Prepare this great dish in the morning to enjoy at lunch.

Tip: Try to avoid eating your meals at your workspace!

5. Stay social


Even if you don’t see your colleagues physically, it’s still important to keep in touch with each other. You can Plan Zoom calls with team members just to catch up on everyone’s day and keep communication lines open so that you can consult with each other every time you need to.

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