Charity Bid For A Good Cause

For the first time, Thermos® Singapore collaborates with The Art Faculty by Pathlight to present two Singapore Exclusive Local Design Collection 2017, Thermos® “Marina Skyline” JNL-400S One-Push Tumbler by Jonathan Cai and Thermos® “My Favourite Singapore Treats” JBQ-400S Food Jar by Grace Ong. Both Jonathan and Grace are student artists of Pathlight School's Artist Development Programme.

As part of the collaboration, Jonathan and Grace also created one-of-its-kind designs on two Thermos® FDH-2005 Big Size Bottles, personally hand-drawn for this charity auction.

Grace big bottle                           Jon big bottle

Do your part to support young differently-abled aspiring artists! All proceeds for this charity auction will be donated to Pathlight School's parent charity, Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), a non-for-profit organization that supports individuals with autism.

The FDH-2005 Big Size Bottle is a large capacity 2.0L bottle that not only hydrates you, but doubles up to store liquid foods like porridge and desserts. With its wide mouth, you can add ice cubes or pieces of fruits and it comes with a serving bowl/cup. Its easy-to-hold handle eliminates spillage when pouring and the one-touch clip-on strap makes it convenient to carry it whenever you go. The bottle keeps hot at 77°C & above for 6 hours, 56°C & above for 12 hours and keeps cold at 9°C or below for 6 hours.

Hot Beverages

“My Favourite Hot Beverages”
designed and hand-drawn by Grace Ong, Student Artist, Artist Development Programme, Pathlight School

Featuring local favourite drinks, like Horlicks, Green Tea, Hot Coffee, Mocha, Macchiato and Hot Tea, you'd find this bottle befitting of your picnic must-have.

HIGHEST BID: $188.00
Last Updated on: 17/08/2017, 09:34
S'pore Skyline

"My Favourite Singapore Skyline"
designed and hand-drawn by Jonathan Cai, Student Artist, Artist Development Programme, Pathlight School

Inspired by the iconic view of Marina Bay Sands, a fan of the Singapore architecture would definitely appreciate the gorgeous line work featured on this piece of art.

HIGHEST BID: $200.00
Last Updated on: 17/08/2017, 10:37

Thanks for your interest. The event has been concluded on 31 August 201711:59pm.


  • This event is valid till 11:59pm on August 31, 2017.  
  • This event is open to all who resides in Singapore.
  • Each participant may bid for both products as many times as he or she wants during the auction period.
  • Winners will be notified by e-mail in the month of September 2017.
  • Submitted bids will be reviewed accordingly before confirming as the highest bid. Thermos (Singapore) reserves the rights to refuse any submitted bids that may deem as suspicious or non-genuine. In the event of doubt, Thermos (Singapore) will contact participants to verify submitted bids.
  • Products shall be collected at Thermos (Singapore) office located in Singapore. Products must be taken as provided and are not exchangeable or transferable for cash. 
  • Thermos (Singapore) reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • By participating in this charity auction, you agree and consent to the auction’s terms and conditions and to Thermos (Singapore) and their service providers collecting, using and/or disclosing the personal data which you have submitted and sharing such personal data amongst themselves for the purpose of contacting you via mail, e-mail, SMS, telephone and any other means of communication (whether via your Singapore telephone numbers which Thermos (Singapore) may have in their records from time to time or otherwise), to send you marketing information on products, services, promotions and/or events offered or marketed by Thermos (Singapore).