Singapore (10 May 2023) – With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Thermos Singapore has curated a series of its latest products, from limited edition local designed best-sellers, drink bottles for carbonated sodas, to cookware. These stylish products demonstrate your love for mothers with style and practicality. 

The products are available online at official Thermos® E-commerce stores, and at major department stores in Singapore.

For the Mums who are all about self-love

2022 Make Life Better series2

Thermos® JDG-450S 'Make Life Better' Flowers Conversations Mug with Handle and Lid (Price: $49)

Thermos® SK-3020S* 'Make Life Better' Faces Made From Fruits Stainless King Food Jar with Folding Spoon (Price: $69)

Thermos® JNL-501S 'Make Life Better' Optimism Ultra-light One-Push Tumbler (Price: $59)

Designed in collaboration with the Singapore Association for Mental Health, the ‘Make Life Better’ series is perfect for mums to remind them of the need to love and pamper themselves too.

The series is the latest in the brand’s Singapore Exclusive Local Design collection that showcases best-loved products in the Singapore market, transformed into limited-edition collectibles with a local flavour. This set consists of three products - a Mug with Handle and Lid, Food Jar with Folding Spoon, and One-Push Tumbler - that depict artistic expressions of love, hope and optimism in shades of calming pastels with subtle gold accents.

Mums can start their day on a bright note and embrace wellness holistically with their favourite beverages or a nourishing meal anytime, anywhere with the ‘Make Life Better’ series.

* The Food Jar is currently available on official Thermos® E-commerce stores, but will only be available in-store from 12 May onwards.


For the Mums who loves carbonated drinks

FJK 501

Thermos® FJK-500 Carbonated Drink Bottle (Silver, Red & Light Blue)

Price: $60

The perfect gift for mums who love sodas and carbonated drinks, the Thermos® FJK-500 Carbonated Drink Bottle lets her enjoy refreshing goodness on the go. Designed with a new structured lid, Mum can enjoy fizzy goodness on the go, even with ice cubes, for at least 6 hours. 


For Fashionable Mums

JOO 503

Thermos® JOO-500 Tumbler with Carry Loop (Mint Green, Yellow, Indigo Blue, Purple)

Price: $60

Fashion-forward mums will enjoy the Thermos® JOO-500 Tumblers with Carry Loop, which are perfect for the office and gym and everywhere. Available in four striking colours to match their OOTDs (outfit of the day), this tumbler also includes a carry loop that makes it easy to carry around, while drinks stay hot or cold for at least six hours.


For the Foodie Mums

TCRA 3000 PK

Thermos® TCRA-3000 Shuttle Chef® thermal cooker (Pink)

Price: $250

The perfect gift for mum who loves to cook, the revolutionary Thermos® TCRA-3000 Shuttle Chef® thermal cooker saves energy and time so that she can hop out of the kitchen to smell the roses. Available in Pink, the 3-litre thermal cooker is big enough to serve up dishes for 3 to 5 adults, and versatile to create steamed or boiled dishes, soups, one-pot meals, braised dishes and more. 

 JEA 800

Thermos® JEA-800 Lunch Set with a Food Jar and two Bento Boxes (Mint & Navy)

Price: $69

Foodie mums can now pack and bring along their favourite snacks or nutritious home-cooked meals in the Thermos® JEA-800 Lunch Set. The Lunch Set includes a matching set of vacuum-insulated stainless steel food jar to keep hot soup or cold dessert for at least 6 hours and two microwave-safe bento boxes, snug in an insulated pouch. Mum can enjoy a nutritious treat on-the-go.


For the Fuss-free Mums

JNL 506

Thermos® JNL-505 Ultra-Light One-Push Tumbler (Snow Blue, Deep Black, Khaki, Rose Red, Lavender & White Gray) 

Price: $53

Mums who love it fuss-free will enjoy the fan-favourite JNL-505 Ultra-Light One-Push Tumbler, refreshed with six new colours. Leak-proof, compact and light-weight (only 210 grams), this one-push tumbler opens easily with a single hand and has a removable drinking spout for thorough cleaning.


For the Eco-friendly Mums

JBR 501

Thermos® JBR-500 Food Jar (Brown & Red)

Price: $55

Eco-friendly mums can now pack their home-cooked meals or take away their favourite (hot or cold) food and drinks with the JBR-500 Food Jar. With its click-open feature and detachable lid for easy use, this Food Jar keeps snacks or meals warm or cold for at least 6 hours.


For the Tea-loving Mums

TCMM 520

Thermos® TCMM-520 ‘Wealth’ Mug with Handle and Strainer 

Price: $88 

Mums can sip their favourite tea with the Mug with Handle and Strainer from the brand’s limited-edition ‘Wealth’ series.

Featuring a luxurious crab-inspired print design, the Mug with Handle and Strainer comes with a fitted lid which keeps dust at bay and offers heat and cold insulation. Its specially designed half-open tea strainer makes it easy to insert a stirring spoon or straw and enjoy loose tea leaves with ease.


For more information on Thermos® brand’s range of products and other gift ideas, check out www.thermos.com.sg/products and stay connected at www.facebook.com/thermos.singapore and www.instagram.com/thermos_singapore.

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