Serves 6-7 tumbler cups


  • Allswell Lychee Aloe Vera Drink (500ml), 6 bottles
  • Ice Cubes, about 5-6 tumbler cups full
  • Grated Ginger, 8 tablespoons
  • Lemon Juice, 16 tablespoons (240ml)
  • Soda Water, 800ml
  • Basil Leaves, 45 (about 30 grams)


  1. Precool a Thermos® Carafe by filling it with cold water (ice cubes and water), close the lid tightly and let it sit aside for 10 minutes. Discard water.
  2. Add Ice Cubes into the carafe and fill it to about 1/3 full. 3. Add Grated Ginger, Allswell Lychee Aloe Vera, Lemon juice and Soda Water.
  3. Close the lid tightly. Mix the contents well by giving the carafe a good shake. Serve immediately by pouring into the tumbler cups.
  4. Before serving, garnish the tumbler cups of Lychee Ginger Cooler with few Basil Leaves.

Notes & tips:

  • For a spiked version, add 1 shot of your choice of gin into the tumbler cup, before serving.
  • This recipe is based on using Allswell Lychee Aloe Vera, Thermos® 2.0L Carafe THV-2000 and Thermos® 0.32L Tumbler Cup JDA-320S.
  • If you are storing this beverage in an alfi® carafe, simply mix all contents together in a separate pot and pour the cold beverage into the carafe (exclude the ices), to keep it cold for hours.


Original recipe and photo courtesy of Allswell Singapore