whiz in kitchen

Smart Cookware for Smart Chefs

No time? No problem! To be a smart chef, you only need to know how to cook smart, and use smart cookware. Be the whiz in your kitchen with the innovative Thermos® Shuttle Chef®, the world's first thermal cooker that not only cooks, but keeps meals hot for hours without over-cooking!

Busy foodies and super mums alike can both whip up nutritious meals while saving time and energy. Once your food is cooked, Thermos® Shuttle Chef® keeps your food warm so that your favourite meals will be ready to eat just the way you like it.

And the best part? You save energy and time while still ensuring your loved ones get the best in nutrition and flavours.

In my Thermos® Shuttle Chef®, I’ve got my me-time, money savings, better health and joy of food. What’s in your Thermos® today?

Energy Efficiency

Whip up a tasty meal while keeping a low carbon footprint.

Time Saving

No more fretting over insufficient time to cook up a meal for your loved ones. Simply bring food to boil and leave it to cook further in Shuttle Chef® while you go off to attend to other matters.

Keeps Food Nutrients Intact

A healthy and delicious meal can be prepared hassle-free and brought out without affecting the nourishing goodness of the food.

Portable Cooking (RPF and RPC models)

Boil your food before leaving home and let it continue to cook further while you commute. Ready to serve when you reach your destination.