better fresh than sorry

Straw Bottles and Food Jars for Little Ones

Pint-sized hands need pint-sized products that fit into their school backpacks. If your child’s lunchbox can keep food warm and inhibit bacteria growth, it’s even better! Luckily for us, Thermos® food jars and straw bottles do just that!.

Whether you’re packing your pride and joy’s favourite macaroni soup for lunch, or some cool refreshing apple juice for an excursion, we’ve got you covered. Thermos® Foogo™ products and Thermos children provide a leak-proof, non-slip and worry-free option to keep every little boy and girl safe, happy and healthy throughout the day.

I pack my unconditional love and nurture into my child’s Thermos® product. What’s in your Thermos® product today?

Leak-Proof, Worry-Free Lid
If it flies off the high chair, or flips upside down in your baby bag, Thermos Foogo products and Thermos baby products keep liquids where they belong.

Throw’em A Curve
Thermos Foogo baby products are designed with a contoured body for little hands and a soft straw for sensitive gums.

Cool Drinks for Cool Kids
Our high vacuum insulation technology makes for an unbreakable outside and a leak proof temperature regulated inside. So the juice stays cool for hours.

Dishwasher Safe
Go ahead, throw it in with the rest of the dishes.

Lab tests shows that Thermos Foogo products inhibit germ growth.

Non-Slip, Scratch Resistant Base
We know kids, a little too well.