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Break boundaries and push your limits with Sports Power

You feel the most like yourself when you’re decked in your sports attire; the gym is practically your second home! Whether you’re flowing in a Vinyasa class or sweating it out on the treadmill, you need a reliable partner to keep you hydrated and refreshed.

That’s why you won’t find a better workout buddy than a Thermos® one-push sports bottle! It’s easy to open, light to carry and leaves no condensation in your gym bag. Fill it with ice cold water when you’re out for a run, or a protein shake before hitting the gym. If you’re on a detox, fill it with vegetable or fruit juice to keep fresh, cold, and delicious for your next dose.

I fill my Thermos® bottle with a champion’s discipline and drive. What's in your Thermos® today?

Light and Compact Design
With the light weight and compact sports bottle, going out for games or workouts will never be a chore.

One-Push Drink Spout (FFZ and FFG models)
With a one-push open spout, you can readily enjoy your drink during sports.

Leak-Proof Drink Lid With Locking Ring (FFZ and FFG models)
With a locking ring to secure the lid, you can keep your drinks where they belong.

Washable Bottle Pouch (FFZ and FFG models)
Never have to over stuff your sports bag again, simply sling your Thermos® sports bottle over your shoulder before you leave home.

Easy Pop-Up Straw (TS-400 model)
One simple button pops open the TS-400 bottle to reveal a built-in straw. Hygienic, convenient, and pretty cool.